Vintage glasses: find the best pair for you

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Vintage glasses are timeless. This means they may have been famous decades ago, but the style will always have its resurgence. Wearing vintage glasses is a way to stand out in the crowd. There are hundreds of styles of vintage frames you can try on. Manufacturers these days create vintage eyeglasses and add some modern touch to make them look more trendy.

Vintage Glasses


Are vintage glasses frames old?

Instead of calling these frames old, you can refer to them as classics. These styles have been in the industry for years and keep coming back with some modifications. Technically, they're old, but you must recognize that the demand for these frames is still present. The retro-inspired theme is still going on for years.

Are vintage glasses still popular?

Vintage frames are ultimately still popular today. You can see them everywhere - from magazines, the internet, and television worn by celebrities and other famous personalities. In most cases, vintage glasses are expensive with limited quantities; but today, eyewear makers have revitalized them and incorporated some styles to make them look new.

If you're still contemplating buying a pair of vintage glasses, here are some reasons to convince you otherwise.


1. Vintage provides a strong fashion statement. Most of these classic frames are flexible enough to be worn with jeans, a suit, or a dress. Vintage glasses are usually used when wearing tuxedos for a sharp, put-together look.


2. Vintage glasses are accessible and reliable. Some of their styles are now considered mainstream because of the demand. This means you can easily buy one from your favorite eyewear store. Manufacturers even provide customization options for you to have personalized vintage glasses in your closet.


3. The frame style gives nostalgia to whoever's wearing it. Vintage pieces hold a unique story that you can share with others. The same story goes for vintage glasses. You're defining and showing an era as you wear a specific vintage eyeglasses style. More than history, these eyeglasses also make a special connection to the glamorous past.


Buying the best vintage glasses

There are a vast array of options you have with vintage glasses. You can go for cat-eye frames of aviator glasses. Regardless of your preferences, ensure to look for the best eyewear store where you explore customization options and styles. We give you some of the best vintage glasses from the list below.



Altalune: Cat-eye Tortoiseshell Glasses

These are classic cat-eye glasses with customizable frame colors. You can choose between tortoiseshell, black, transparent, and light pink. The frame has solid temples and rim borders, making it durable enough from bumps and falls. The nose pads also keep the glasses from slipping, making them more comfortable to wear. They might look bulky, but they're relatively lightweight.



Dallis: Aviator Black Glasses

The 1970s aviators are here with more styles and colors. These Dallis vintage glasses are ideal for men and women who prefer to secure slightly oversized frames. Besides black, you can choose from pink and gold as the colors of your frame. Its thin borders make it suitable for people wearing thin lenses. Before buying, you can customize the lens type and prescription on the website. Ensure you get an eye prescription first from your doctor.



Blyss: Round Tortoiseshell Glasses

You can opt for round vintage frames for that nerdy look. It's like wearing Harry Potter eyeglasses, but these frames from Blyss are slightly larger with some color customizations. This includes black, tawny, and tortoiseshell. Each pair already has anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings, so you can guarantee better functionality even when wearing it regularly.



Angela: Round Tortoiseshell Glasses

These are round glasses with smaller frames for the lenses. It might seem thin when viewed in front, but the rim is thick for ultimate lens protection. This vintage-inspired piece is ideal for people with thick lenses. The color options you have include tortoiseshell and purple and blue spots. Remember to secure the latest prescription from your eye doctor before customizing the lenses.



Pasa: Square Clear Glasses

Square lenses during the 1960s were consistently associated with metallic styles, but this transparent eyewear gives it a modern vintage look. You can use these frames for fashion or prescription. The rim is solid enough to hold the prescription lenses together. They're customizable in terms of colors and lens types.

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