Nerd glasses: find the best pair for you

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If you plan to dress up like a nerd at themed parties, nerd glasses will likely be a part of your costume. These nerd frames are also evident in films and series worn by the smartest characters on the show. The presence of these frames has expanded into daily fashion. If you want to sport a nerd look while getting coffee, you can get your round, black eyeglasses from your closet.

Nerd Glasses

Why does someone like nerd glasses?

Regardless if you have vision concerns, nerd glasses are great to wear. Besides the black frames, people can also pull off that nerd look with thick, dark-colored, or semi-rimless frames. Like any other eyeglasses, they also come in different shapes and sizes, which people can choose from.

Nerd frames provide beauty with functionality and comfort; hence it's no surprise that people can't get enough of these glasses. They're also your go-to frames for your casual fits. You can never go wrong with a pair of nerd glasses.

When did nerd glasses become popular?

Nerd frames were first popularized during the 1950s through Buddy Holly. He was the first young performer ever to wear glasses while performing. Along the way, the frame has been an integral aspect of his identity during performances. These nerd frames of his have left a memorable impression on pop culture. What used to be just functional glasses, nerd frames have evolved into an essential accessory for fashion and style.

It's not only people with prescriptions who are using nerd glasses. Celebrities, models, and other famous personalities consider this frame type a staple in their daily fit. In most cases, we all want to look smart and fashionable simultaneously, hence the increase in the popularity of nerd glasses.

Are nerd glasses in style now?

Nerd glasses will always be trendy regardless of era. The frames are not going anywhere science; most people still use them for style or prescription. While you may search for some vintage nerd frames, others also opt to have a modern touch on these glasses. This is why eyewear stores also incorporate new designs and colors for their nerd glasses. Some even want to customize their frames for a more personalized touch.

Buying the best nerd glasses

Look closely at the list below for some of the year's best nerd glasses. They vary in style, shape, and color.

1.Nael - Round Nerd Glasses

Nael: Round Black Glasses

The classic thick, black frames are here to stay. The solid rim allows you to use thicker lenses if you wish to. As you know, strong eye prescriptions mean thick lenses. The good thing about this frame is you can customize its color, from transparent, pink, and tiger skin. The round shape gives you that geeky look regardless of color choice. You can customize the lens types before buying them.

2.Jed - Oval Nerd Glasses

Jed: Oval Black/Gold Glasses

Oval glasses are also ideal if you want to look nerdy for your overall fit. These Jed frames have border extensions at the upper part of the rim, making it look like you're wearing cat-eye glasses. The rim borders are thinner, ideal for those with thin prescription lenses. You can choose from a combination of black and gold, all black, or all gold for the frame colors. Remember that you can still select this frame even if it's not for prescription. The design is very stylish for daily use.

3.Brett - Round Nerd Glasses

Brett: Round Black Titanium Glasses

You can sport Harry Potter looks with these all-black, round eyeglass frames. If black is too common for you, there are gold and gray colors you can choose from. Besides the anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings on the lenses, the rim borders are built firmly to hold the lenses together. Furthermore, it ensures to withstand possible bumps.

4.Nithya - Oval Nerd Glasses

Nithya: Oval Blue Glasses

You mostly associate thin frames with circular shapes. However, these Nithya nerd glasses come in a subtle, unique geometric structure. The soft nose pads will hold your glasses together and prevent them from slipping from your face. The rim borders also come in striking colors like blue, black, and white.

5.Milah - Rectangle Nerd Glasses

Milah: Rectangle Grey Titanium Glasses

Classic and simple are what these Milah frames are all about. The sturdy rim borders are reliable enough even when you place thick lenses in them. However, the materials used ensure your frames are lightweight and flexible, which is very suitable for daily use.

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