What glasses frames are the best for men?

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Fashion is evolving and taking an uprising shape. Looking good and classy becomes the order of the day. In ancient times, people just dress up to cover their nakedness without minding how they look but right now we dress to beat the trend. No one wants to go out to trend right?

Most men don't know that wearing the right glasses frames would gives them a unique look. Just take a look at the mirror and seeing yourself dressed in a classy made outfit, then you pull up a glass frames "chuckles". Glasses frames gives you an unimaginable confidence.

But note that not all glass frames are suitable for all skin colors and tones of men. Before choosing a frame, consider your face shape, skin tone and color of frame. Most frames might not fit your outfit you if not chosen properly. Check our men's glasses for the best fit for you.

The Best Glasses Frame for Men

Best 3 types of glasses frames for men

1.Rectangle glasses: They are designed to be tall and wider. They look sporty or architectural. They have softer and more intellectual look. Rectangle glasses are both sharp edged and rounded edged frames. It is mostly worn by men and  can also be worn by women.

rectangle glasses

2.Aviator glasses

These glasses frames were made during the World War 1 for the purpose of protecting the pilots eyes from the glare of the sun and it became one of the most popular types of glasses. It may likely win the title of the most iconic eyewear style ever made.

The modern day aviator glasses are not exactly the same as the ones our parents wore, they feature unique details, colors and shapes that keep them in trend and style conversation. They are very suitable for men.

aviator glasses

3.Square glasses

square glasses frames tend to be considered a little boring but not exactly true. They come in timeless shapes and colors that never goes out of style. They are also good choices for men.

square glasses

What color of glasses frames are best for men?

Silver, Gold, Brown and Black are conservative tones for men's glasses frames. Determining your skin tone is the initial and most significant factor to consider when selecting eyeglass colors. It is vital to pick an eyeglass color that complements/enhances your natural look/tone.

Black and Brown frames are a good fit for men with deep skin with warm and funky undertones.

Men with a paler complexion and a yellow/green undertone to their skin described as having light skin with a heat undertone. The simplest colors for this kind of skin tone tend to be warm neutrals and saturated shades. Dark colors will nurture well with this skin tone to higher distinction against a light base color.

Trying a warm tortoise shell or brown could be nice if you are a fan of neutrals, otherwise you go daring with a pop of purple or red. Avoid any blues or lighter colors, as they'll tend to scrub you out.

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