Sunglasses color guide: what color fits you best?

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Sunglasses are used to block the rays coming from the sun in order to protect the retina of the eyes. Most people wear sunglasses when they go outside during the summer or winter season in order to get rid of the sun. Also, these sunglasses are now in fashion.

Lensmart's pink sunglasses

Most people think that eyeglasses enhance their facial features and give their face an alluring look. Now, the question coming to mind is what color sunglasses look the best? Of course, when you are in need of purchasing sunglasses, you should keep in mind different things. First of all, what you must know is the color of your skin tone, eyes and face shape. Also, what type of frames suit on your face shape should get your attention as well.

If you know all these, you can easily purchase the frame that best suits your face. This article tells about sunglasses color guides and what color fits the different types of skin tones. You are free to try various lens colors for your eyes and if you need to shop online, you have the option of checking the full details of the color. 

Lensmart provides the feasibility to all consumers. Green, grey, brown lenses color fits every skin tone because of the benefit that they typically decrease the glare as well as strain on eyes without the distortion of the color. 

On the other hand, orange, amber, and yellow colors have their charm and are used to block the blue light  So, every color of sunglasses enfolds different benefits.


Why should we consider skin tone?

When choosing the color of sunglasses, skin tone plays an important role. This is because of the fact that the skin tone is determined by the pigment called melanin. The darker skin has more melanin and lighter skin has little melanin. 

Sunglasses for warm skin tone

When we choose the color of sunglasses, we should know the skin tone of our body because the skin tone and sunglasses color together give the complimentary look to the body features. Skin tone is the big factor in choosing the colors of sunglasses as they give a natural tone to the body otherwise if there is no combination of the sunglasses color and skin tone, then it can definitely create a flat look which is not good for the attractive face. There are two categories of skin tones. Cool and warm. 

The cool color skin tone tends to do best with gray, pink, purple, black, red, yellow, brown, blue shades and many more. Whereas, warm color skin tone tends to do best with gold, brown, orange, pink, red, off-white, green, yellow, and beige color. 

The sunglasses colors that look best for light skin

Those people having peachy complexion, pale, and green as well as having yellow undertone are typically described as having the light skin tone of the body. 

The best colors that suit this type of skin tone should be neutrals as well as dark colors because of the fact that the opposite attracts each other. Light skin tone with a dark color is the best combination. 

Sunglasses for light skin tone

The sunglasses colors that look best for light skin tone include:

1.Light Skin with Warm Tone

Red color sunglasses

Purple color sunglasses 

2.Light Skin with Cool Tone

Blue color sunglasses

Jewel color sunglasses 


The sunglasses colors that look best for medium skin

In the medium skin tone, there is well-balanced color with a beige appearance and the skin tone is basically neutral. Those people who have medium skin can enjoy any color of the sunglasses because medium skin is the best and almost every color can suit on this type of skin tone. 

Sunglasses for medium skin tone

The different sunglasses colors that look best on the medium skin tone include:

1.Medium Skin with Warm Tone

Green color sunglasses

Yellow color sunglasses

2.Medium Skin with Cool Tone

Pink color sunglasses

Olive color sunglasses


The sunglasses colors that look best for deep skin

In the deep skin tone, the color of the skin is light brown, Mediterranean, olive, or light black color. The darker, as well as lighter skin tone is observed in people with deep skin. 

Sunglasses for deep skin tone

The main sunglasses color that suits best for the people with deep skin includes:

1.Deep Skin with Warm Tone

Gold-toned green color sunglasses

Deep brown color sunglasses

2.Deep Skin with Cool Tone

Cool blue color sunglasses

Black color sunglasses

Purple color sunglasses

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