Shield sunglasses explained: are they in style?

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Are you an athlete or just someone who opts for snug-fit sunglasses? Then shield sunglasses might be an ideal option for you. Essentially, this type of frame provides optimum coverage and vision, allowing enhanced performance outdoors or playing the sport you love.


In some cases, these shield sunglasses can also be transformed into prescription sunglasses with the help of eye experts. People usually buy shield sunglasses of their choice and have the lenses corrected based on the eye grades.


When looking at these sunglasses, they usually feature a single lens spanning from temple to temple. Manufacturers typically minimize the frame to expand the wearer's field of view further. Besides the usual sunglasses, these frames can also come in polarized lenses. They reduce glare and are helpful on near reflective surfaces like snow or water.

Shield sunglasses


What are solar shield sunglasses used for?

Solar shield sunglasses are generally built with some of the latest lens technology and excellent materials. When opting for solar shield sunglasses, you can guarantee protection and better vision. In most cases, lenses in solar sunglasses are polarized. This means that lenses will have a laminated filter that blocks the glare typically reflected on pavements, sand, glass, water, and shiny and flat surfaces.

Solar shield sunglasses are also impact-resistant, making them withstand unexpected drops and bumps. More importantly, wearing these glasses will protect your eyes from UV rays.

Are shield sunglasses in style?

Fashion swings like a pendulum from one extreme style to another. While minimalist and skinny sunglasses created a trend, the larger and oversized frames also take some of the spotlights.


While the design may not be favorable for some, these frames have been seen on some celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians. This means that shield sunglasses are returning to being in style today.

Besides being worn by famous personalities, these frames can also be seen worn on runways. Those who want to make a fashion statement and exude a bold persona can use shield sunglasses. They deliver different but intense looks. Those Ombre shades with amber and brown tones appear like a vintage look from the 70s.

Celebrities indeed have their way of sporting these edgy but fashionable sunglasses. In the world of sports, athletes also prefer these frames as they can be comfortable to wear. They may have better snugness, but the lenses' shape and dimensions are relatively identical. Athletes in sports like a marathon, cycling, and skiing can take advantage of these frames. Even those into trekking and hiking can best benefit from shield sunglasses.


How to choose the best shield sunglasses?

The shield sunglasses might not be everyone's cup of tea, but there are surely more than enough variations in the market today. It can be a handful to select among the products from different manufacturers. However, you can streamline your choices by looking at the following aspects:

1. Face type. 

Facial structure is one of the first things to consider when choosing sunglasses. Your chosen frame must not overpower the features but instead accentuate them. Those with heart and oval faces can turn to shield sunglasses. You can opt for angular shields, which will flatter your face curves.

2. Colors. 

Along with the facial features are the frame colors. They also have to complement your skin tone, not overpower and balance your overall look. If you have cool skin tones, choose colors like blue, green, pink, purple, blue-green, or magenta. Meanwhile, coral shades, olive, honey, and dark red are for warmer skin tones. Suppose you have a combination of warm and cool skin tones; you can opt for any frame color.

3. Durability. 

Shield sunglasses must be durable enough to resist impacts. This is especially necessary for those opting to use the frame in sporting events. Hence, you need to look for those made with high-quality materials. Usually, manufacturers indicate the type of raw materials they use to mold the sunglasses.

4. Cost. 

You can expect rather expensive sunglasses made of quality and durable materials. While this is true in most parts, eyewear manufacturers today can produce excellent shield sunglasses at a much more affordable price. If you can afford the costly ones, then be it. However, wouldn't it be great to score some durable finds at a more affordable price?

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