Are bifocal sunglasses worth it?

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When people get older, it is quite common to start experiencing vision problems, which can be remedied by the use of prescription glasses. But there are also many cases where you might need different lens grades for different distances. You might see clearly at a distance but words are nothing but a blur when you try to read a book. Or nearby objects might be clear but those further away are not. For these situations, bifocals are usually the best solution.


Bifocal Sunglasses

What are bifocal sunglasses?

Bifocal sunglasses are simply bifocals that have tinted lenses and are designed for outdoor use, pretty much like a regular pair of sunglasses. Like regular bifocals, they have two different lens grades for the top and bottom parts.


Typically, the top part is non-corrective and the bottom part is for reading. The dual power allows you to shift from different focuses quickly and without having to remove your glasses or put them back on repeatedly. For instance, while driving, you can look through the top half of the bifocal sunglasses to see as you normally would, and when you have to glance down to check the speedometer, you will be looking through the magnified part so it will be clear as well.

Are bifocal sunglasses worth it?

A lot of people question the practicality of getting bifocal sunglasses, especially if they already have a pair of regular bifocal eyeglasses. Whether they are worth it or not depends largely on how much time you spend outdoors.


Obviously, if you don't go out much and only use your glasses inside the house or the office, you probably won't have much need for bifocal sunglasses. On the other hand, if you do spend much time outside, or if you drive to work, then investing in a good pair of bifocal sunglasses would be a smart decision. They can help you see much better at various distances while also keeping your eyes protected from the glare and the harmful UV rays of the sun.


The pros and cons of bifocal sunglasses

In trying to decide whether to get a pair of bifocal sunglasses or not, it would help a lot if you weigh the pros and cons carefully.


Main pros

The biggest advantage of bifocal sunglasses is that they let you address multiple vision problems with just one pair of glasses. You can have one pair of reading glasses and another pair of driving glasses, but you will have to switch between these two which can be a great inconvenience.


Another advantage of bifocal sunglasses is that they are considerably cheaper than modern progressive lenses. Also, although progressive lenses do look nice with the virtually invisible transition between lens grades, bifocals are easier for your eyes to adjust to.


Main cons

The most common complaint that people have about bifocal sunglasses is that it takes a while to get used to them. You can quickly forget that you are wearing not just one but two kinds of prescription lenses and if you look through the wrong lens, it can cause headaches or eye strain. After a while, though, you will be able to use it perfectly without even thinking about it.


Some people might also experience distortions in vision as the line of sight crosses the boundary between the two different lens powers. This is most noticeable when going down the stairs so during the first few days of wearing your bifocal sunglasses, it would be advisable to hold on to the railing to keep yourself steady on your way down.


Guide to buying the best bifocal sunglasses for men and women

The most important thing in buying bifocal sunglasses is to get your prescription right. If it has been a while since you got checked, it is recommended that you see your optometrist first to get an updated prescription.


Next comes the fun part of choosing the frame for your bifocal sunglasses. Large frames come most highly recommended for both men and women because they allow for ample space for the variation in lens grade, and they also provide broader protection against the sun. Also, the retro vibe exuded by oversized frames is very trendy this year! Do consider the shape of your face when picking a frame.


Of course, one of the important functions of bifocal sunglasses is to provide eye protection, stick to the sunglasses that give you the highest UV protection. Look for scratch-resistant lenses and lightweight but durable frames as well.


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