Red lens sunglasses explained

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You may wonder what is meant by "red sunglasses." It could simply mean red frames, but in this case, we are referring to the red lenses of the glasses. People have different reasons for choosing a pair of red sunglasses.

One of the reasons could be simply because it would make a fashion statement, match an outfit, and so forth. In this case, it might be effective to have both the frame and the lens in red. Red lens sunglasses do have other reasons for people to wear them.

There are far more valuable reasons why a person would and should wear red sunglasses. These sunglasses have the same purpose as most sunglasses, and that is to protect the eyes against glaring sunlight, ultraviolet light, as well as blue light. It is therefore important to know why one would use red sunglasses.

Purple-and-red lens glasses

What Are The Red Lens Sunglasses for?

Besides the fact that, as with other sunglasses, red lens sunglasses protect the eyes from harsh light, sunlight, ultraviolet light, and blue light, they are perfect for the following reasons:

1. They provide comfort to the eyes by making sure they adjust the eyes perfectly to the light and sunlight around them.

2. It is an excellent winter sports tool as it suits skiing and snowboarding activities well on snowy slopes with its glare. With the right frame choice, it can be a very comfortable experience.

3. Furthermore, they are excellent driving sunglasses as well, as they improve visibility by enhancing the depth of field as well as eyesight.

4. Red lens sunglasses are a favorite in the gaming world as it reduces, and even more so, can block out blue light.

For the ordinary person, it can be used as a fashion statement, yes, but most importantly, you should invest in a pair as protection for the eyes. Our Rabih shows what a fashion statement can look like while these red lens sunglasses can also protect the eyes against strong ultraviolet rays. It is important, though, to choose the right shade for your purpose.

Rabih:Aviator Red/Champagne-Gradual powder Sunglasses

Can Red Lens Sunglasses Block Blue Light?

Blue light is part of everyday life, especially from computer screens and other digital equipment. These can include mobile phones, tablets, and even television screens. Our eyes are exposed in the office and even at home.

The same applies to offices where artificial light is used all day long. A pair of red lens sunglasses can protect the eyes against blue light in the office and at home. For that reason, we can, therefore, also call them blue light blockers.

Because they work so well in blocking out artificial light (up to one hundred percent), they can get uncomfortable if used over an extended period of time. Even though they do work for blue light, they are best for outdoor use where they offer the best protection and comfort to the wearer.

How to Pick the Right Red Lens Sunglasses?

What we mentioned is that red lens sunglasses are excellent driving lenses because they improve depth of field. The way to go about choosing your driving lenses is to find a frame that is stylish and the tint of red you want. You can do this by fitting the sunglasses and testing them outdoors. You can choose any of our frames at Lensmart.

If you are choosing them from examples such as Normi below, they will have red lenses added to them. If you need a pair for blue light, you can go through the same procedure to test which shade (strength of tint) and style of frame you prefer.

Normi: Oval Red Eyeglasses

If you want to use them for sports, choose one of our sporty frames and have your red lenses fitted into them. Isabella is a perfect example of a pair of sunglasses that also include mirrored red lenses, making them even more effective for sportspeople.

Isabella: Rectangle Transparent/Red-Mirror Sunglasses

One of the negative aspects to look for is that red lens sunglasses can distort colors. The distortion of colors can happen indoors as well as outdoors. As said also, the tint strength you choose is important, and the best option is to choose a medium-strength tint.

Another way of going about choosing your red lens sunglasses is to invest in at least two pairs – one for indoor use and the other for outdoor use.

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