The best cool reading glasses for men and women

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Making a statement through eyewear is one thing you can do when you pick the right pair. There are plenty of cool reading glasses on the market today, all coming in a range of designs and features that match your needs. How can you select eyeglasses that work for you? This guide gives you some tips to get you started!


Cool Reading Glasses

How do you look cool with reading glasses?

In the past, people often assumed that reading eyeglasses were an uncool accessory. The typical weird, awkward person in shows usually wore glasses along with a quirky outfit. It led many to believe that eyeglasses were something they should avoid using if they could help it.


However, modern technology allows makers to produce top-quality and aesthetically pleasing frames today. You can browse through a great selection of eyewear that can fit every type of style and preference. In this sense, cool glasses become part of your fashion and can enhance the symmetry of your facial features.


To look cool with a pair of reading spectacles, you should pick a frame that defines you. It should capture your personality so that you can confidently wear the glasses anywhere you go!


How to buy the best pair of cool reading glasses?

The most important factor in your decision to buy reading glasses is if you have a real need for them. Do you find it hard to read small-print texts up close? Do you have trouble seeing in dim light? Are you usually staring at a computer screen for hours on end? These issues may indicate a need to buy readers.


1.Know the power

When buying reading eyeglasses, you will notice that the lenses have a rating, which is (+) followed by a number. These glasses have varying 'power' or diopter, which typically ranges from +1.00 to +3.00. It represents the magnification power, which can help you see better. As a reference, glasses made for digital eye strain for young adults have a rating of +0.05 to +0.75.


2.Find a pair that fits

Your comfort is very important when buying eyewear. That said, you need to select cool reading glasses that have the right material and size for you. There are two common materials—metal and thermoplastic like TR90—which are both long-lasting and lightweight. Some designs combine these materials to reinforce durability. You should also choose eyewear that's not too big or too small on your face.


3.Choose a design

The frame shape can also help improve your overall appearance. You can base your decision on your facial shape. For example, if you have an angular jaw and sharp cheeks, round or oval frames can soften your features. On the other hand, plump faces can use angular frames like rectangle or square frames to help accentuate the lines of the face.


4.Consider prescription

Every person who needs a pair of reading spectacles has varying degrees of magnification needed. Some people can have different diopter ratings for the left and right eye. As such, they must choose a customizable option that takes their requirements into account. That way, they can read more comfortably day in and day out.


5.Follow your style

When shopping for eyewear, your personal choice matters the most. The key to picking the right cool-looking reading glasses is selecting a pair that looks attractive to you. Luckily, the market is teeming with a variety of reading specs that range from formal to casual to trendy. That means the most suitable eyewear is out there waiting for you!


Best cool reading glasses for men

1.Axel - Rectangle Reading Glasses

Axel: Rectangle Black Glasses

Nothing beats a classic style for your next pair of readers, especially if you plan to use them for a long time. The Axel rectangle glasses have a no-nonsense design that fits almost every personal taste. It is simple and will not distract your vision when reading since the lenses are a decent size. Overall, this eyewear is a top choice for men!


2.Paisley - Oval Reading Glasses

Paisley: Oval Transparent Glasses

The Paisley oval glasses are a fashion-forward pair that feature thick rims with a tapering color. What makes this eyewear ideal for men is the available color and design options like transparent, black, and tortoiseshell. These eye-catching glasses have a full-rim design and are made of TR90. The design and construction make it a lightweight accessory that you can use all day.


3.Rigel - Round Reading Glasses

Rigel: Round Red/Tortoiseshell Glasses

You can spruce up your style with the Rigel round glasses, which are simple yet aesthetically striking. The rims boast a rich color, with a uniquely shaped nose bridge that adds more style to the eyewear. The acetate material is hypoallergenic, making it a great choice if you have sensitive skin. You can wear it for hours without suffering from discomfort since it's a lightweight frame, too.


Best cool reading glasses for women

1.Harmony - Rectangle Reading Glasses

Harmony: Rectangle Black Glasses

When selecting reading glasses, it's crucial that you find a pair that matches your styling taste. The Harmony rectangle glasses are aptly designed for those who want a straightforward frame shape with subtle accents included.


The arm is connected to the rim with gold metal hardware, which gives it a hint of sophistication. When you tilt it to the side, you can appreciate the bejeweled rim that adds more beauty to the frame.  


2.Hallie - Cat-eye Reading Glasses

Hallie: Cat-eye Gold-Black/Flower Glasses

The Hallie cat-eye specs can appeal to ladies who love artistic highlights in their fashion. The signature browline and side rims are thicker than the rest of the frame. This quirky style features a unique pattern that comes in various color combinations. This eyewear can become an expression of your love for all things fun and exciting!


3.Nithya - Oval Reading Glasses

Nithya: Oval White Glasses

The geometric style of the Nithya oval eyeglasses offers the trendy quality of this eyewear. The thin wire frame is a design that can easily 'disappear' in your peripheral vision. These glasses are the perfect selection if you want a barely-there accessory that you can wear all day.


Buy your readers today

Lensmart has a wide array of reading glasses for any face shape and personal taste. You're a click away from your new eyeglasses once you start browsing the site's extensive catalog. Don't forget to use the 'Try with Pictures' feature to help you decide what pair highlights your beauty the most!


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