Ultimate guide to buying cheap reading glasses

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There comes a time in most people's lives when the need for reading glasses can no longer be avoided. It usually happens shortly after turning 40, and then it progressively grows more intense over the years. Some people are reluctant to get reading glasses thinking that they might be expensive. But you don't really have to sacrifice and suffer through a hard time reading small print, because there are plenty of cheap reading glasses that you can now buy these days. We'll tell you where and how to get them a little further in this article.

Cheap Reading Glasses

Are reading glasses cheaper than prescription glasses?

It's hard to say for certain because it's a case to case basis. Some prescription glasses are not that expensive, and there are also some reading glasses that come with special features that would cause the price to skyrocket. But in general, we can say that reading glasses are cheaper than prescription glasses.


The main reason is that many reading glasses simplify magnifying, whereas prescription glasses are specially made to correct vision problems that are particular to the individual. Let's say you also have astigmatism, or maybe you are near-sighted or far-sighted. The prescription glasses you need will need to correct these vision problems as well, and it will certainly add to the cost.


Also, reading glasses have the same lens grade for both eyes. This is perfectly fine for people that see equally through both eyes. Prescription glasses, on the other hand, address the specific needs of each eye and are thus often fitted with lenses of different power.

Is it ok to wear cheap reading glasses?

Again, this depends on your particular situation. If you just need slight magnification to be able to read more clearly, and if you don't experience any other problems like dizziness or headaches while reading, then cheap reading glasses are fine. We are talking about cheap reading glasses that you can buy over-the-counter or online without having to consult with an optometrist.


If you have other vision concerns, or if you are already wearing prescription glasses prior to requiring reading glasses, then it might be a better idea to check with your eye doctor for a more customized lens solution that would be much better in the long run. But many people actually do well with cheap reading glasses.


One of the perks of using these inexpensive glasses is that you can buy several of them, so that you can keep one at home, another in the office, another in your purse, and so on. Also, you get to wear a variety of styles to fit your different outfits and moods.

Where to buy cheap reading glasses?

Cheap reading glasses are now much more accessible than they were before. They are typically on display in any regular optical shop. You can also find them in pharmacies, department stores, bookstores, or even in some supermarkets. In some countries, you can even buy them from street vendors selling their wares along the sidewalks.


But if you want to be able to choose from a wide selection of legit and high quality reading glasses, the best way is to shop online. At Lensmart, you can find an extensive and diverse selection of reading glasses for both men and women. The prices are among the most competitive in the market, and the ordering and delivery process is fast, secure and discreet. There are even some great promotional offers every once in a while, which can let you save even more.

How to buy cheap reading glasses?

When buying cheap reading glasses, the most important factor to consider is whether they do in fact help you see better. Even over the counter reading glasses come in different lens powers so you would still need to find the perfect fit. 

Once you have figured out your lens grade, you will have to try on the glasses to see if it fits comfortably. As a rule, you would want to stay away from frames that are too heavy or fight too tightly around the temples. Also if you are allergic to metals, it would be advisable to choose plastic or a hypoallergenic metal frame.


When buying online, it's obviously impossible to actually try on the glasses but you can still see how it looks on your face with a virtual try-on. Lensmart allows you to do this by having you upload your picture so that you can try on any of the glasses in your selection.



Three cheap reading glasses

At Lensmart Online, you can find dozens of stylish, durable and budget-friendly frames that are ideal for reading glasses. The selection includes countless great choices for both men and women. Below, we have listed three of their most popular frames that are not only very trendy these days but also come with a very inexpensive price tag.

1.Abyssinia Cat-Eye Glasses in Black/Tortoiseshell

Abyssinia: Cat-eye Black/Tortoiseshell Glasses

Stylish, sexy and fun – this is what comes to mind when you see this sophisticated pair of frames that are perfect for a woman's reading glasses. The shape of the Abyssinia draws attention to your eyes while the sophisticated colors and patterns go very well with just about any outfit and any occasion. Made of durable but lightweight TR90, this pair is very comfortable for all-day wear. Best of all, you can get it for less than $7!

2.Dallis Aviator Glasses in Classic Black

Dallis: Aviator Black Glasses

Nothing spells chic and classy more than the Dallis aviator glasses, which would make any man look like either a self-made professional or a Hollywood star, even though they actually cost only $9.95 at Lensmart! Your confidence will shoot way up when you wear these reading glasses, and you won't have any problems choosing an outfit because they will match with anything.

3.Ligeia Rectangle Transparent Glasses

Ligeia: Rectangle Transparent Glasses

Clear glasses are currently on-trend for glasses, whether it's sunglasses, prescription glasses, or reading glasses. The Ligeia glasses will definitely put you smack in the height of fashion. Its rectangular frame is especially complimentary to faces that are round, oval or heart-shaped, but it really does look great for most men and women.  


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