Bifocal reading glasses explained: what is the best pair?

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When you were younger, you might have heard of older people wearing bifocals but never really paid much attention to what they are. For all you knew, they were just another name for eyeglasses. But of course, bifocals are more than your regular pair of glasses. If your eye doctor is recommending that you now wear one, then it's time to learn a thing or two about them.

Bifocal Reading Glasses

What Do Bifocal Reading Glasses Mean?

Basically, bifocals are eyeglasses with lenses that have two different focal lengths. The upper part of the lens helps you see more clearly for long distances, while the lower part of the lens helps you with reading or seeing things clearly when they are up close. If you look closely, there is an almost imperceptible horizontal line that goes across the lens where the two different focal lengths meet.


These kinds of glasses are needed by individuals that need correction for reading, as well as for other vision problems, like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and so on.

Are Bifocal Reading Glasses Worth It?

Many people frequently complain of having a hard time adjusting to using bifocal reading glasses, which is perfectly understandable. Adjusting to a regular pair of reading glasses can be a challenge as it is, what more when you have two different lens grades in front of your eyes?


But once you get past the adjustment period, you will see that bifocal reading glasses are indeed worth it. You will no longer have to switch glasses repeatedly, which can be very inconvenient. Instead, you can wear just one pair for the whole day and just shift your focus depending on what you need to look at.


Also, even though bifocal reading glasses are slightly more expensive than regular glasses, the cost is still cheaper in comparison to having to buy two separate pairs of glasses for reading and for your regular prescription.

How to Buy the Best Bifocal Reading Glasses

Since bifocal reading glasses require the inclusion of two different lens powers, it is advisable to pick a larger frame that can accommodate both focal lengths. Experts suggest going no smaller than 32mm in height. The larger the frame, the more comfortable it will be for the wearer to see through both parts of the lens.


In addition to the size of the lens, it is also a good idea to pick a frame style that complements the shape of your face. It all really boils down to personal style but as a rule of thumb, round frames go best with angular faces, while square frames and rectangle frames are considered to be highly flattering to round faces.

Great Frames for Bifocal Reading Glasses

1.Harmony - Rectangle Frame

Harmony: Rectangle Black Glasses

Simplicity and elegance are what the Harmony Rectangle glasses are all about. The classic black frame sits very nicely on your face without detracting from your best facial features. It is also made of very lightweight yet durable material, so even with a large lens it won't get too uncomfortable for all-day wearing.

2.Jasmine - Round Frame

Jasmine: Round Black/Gold Glasses

How adorable is this pair of round, thin-framed metal glasses with cute tiny stars dangling from the sides of each temple? The delightful design, combined with the splendid combination of black and gold just makes the Jasmine a must-have pair of glasses for the modern woman. Besides, the 51mm height of its frame is generous enough for a bifocal lens without causing any vision discomfort.

3.Sahana - Square Frame

Sahana: Square Marble Glasses

A uniquely-patterned unisex piece of eyewear, the Sahana immediately makes a striking impact whenever you walk into a room. The marble color of the frame is perfect for professional and casual settings, which means you can use it for working in the office, watching a baseball game, or just about anywhere else.

4.Elora - Cat Eye Frame

Elora: Cat-eye Ash/Brown-Tortoiseshell Glasses

Although cat-eye glasses are not the most popular choice for bifocals, the Elora has a large enough lens to be a suitable choice. The sophisticated blend of the tortoiseshell pattern on the lower part of the frame and the gorgeous ash brown on top make it the ultimate frame for the stylish contemporary woman.

5.Emiliano - Square Frame

Emiliano: Square Red-Blue Glasses

Seems to be an unlikely combination, but with the uber-thin frame of the Emiliano, the colorway is just perfect. The square design offers great coverage, which is a huge plus for a bifocal pair. Also, it is made of a very lightweight metal that is easy on the face. This frame is also available in tortoiseshell, black/gold, and white/pink.


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