Hippie glasses: come back to the 1960s

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The holidays are nearing. This means there will be themed parties that require you to dress up. As you all know, you can complete that retro look with some classic glasses. Consider hippie glasses if you are trying to find the best frames to pair with your vintage fit.


Also, it's only about dressing up for themed parties where you need these eyeglasses. In fact, these frames are also ideal for everyday use when outdoors. After all, hippie glasses are classic; you can never go wrong with vintage - they're timeless.

Hippie Glasses


What are hippie glasses?

Various frames and glasses became famous during the 1960s, including hippie glasses. The glasses have perfectly round frames, nose pads, and a thin wire frame. Some hippie glasses also come with different tints. They have shades of yellow, tea, and green, to name a few.


These hippie glasses were also Lennon round glasses as these frames were one of the types John Lennon wore during his time. The round frames for the lenses are not the same size as what you usually see on round glasses today. They're slightly smaller, enough to fit on the wearer's face.


Additionally, during the 1960s, hippie glasses were generally associated with the free thinkers during the time of the anti-war government.


Why does someone like hippie glasses?

One of the primary reasons hippie glasses are still used by most people today is that they're classic. The 1960s style might have slightly vanished in terms of popularity, but there are still people who use these frames today. Of course, no one wants to pass on giving off that vintage and chic look when wearing hippie glasses.


Also, the frame styles of hippie glasses today have evolved. This means that some manufacturers combine the modern and the 1960s frames to revamp these hippie glasses. Another reason why these hippie frames are still in style is because of people who love retro and vintage. They reintroduce these styles in today's generation.


More importantly, these frames are popularized by famous artists, including John Lennon, Ozzy Osborne, and Elton John. It is just fitting that people must try it for themselves to know what 1960s fashion looked and felt like.


Guide to buying the best hippie glasses

Some standard guidelines might be helpful to get that perfect hippie glasses for your vintage fits. You can refer to the following aspects below:


1. Identify your face shape. 

It's one of the things one needs to know before buying a frame. Since hippie glasses are rounded, wearers with square, heart, triangle and diamond face perfectly fit these frames. The glasses must contrast your facial features.

2. Choose the frame color. 

As you already know, hippie glasses can have tints. In fact, wearers can choose various bright shades for the lenses. The colors must match your skin tone. Choose colors like red, pink, or blue undertones for cooler skin tones. Meanwhile, warm skin tones perfectly go with colors like gold, peach, and yellow undertones.

3. Assess the material. 

Anti-scratch and anti-reflective hippie glasses are now available today. Besides these features, your frames must be durable enough to last a long time. Check the materials used on the frames to identify whether you're getting your money's worth from your hippie glasses purchase.


How to take care of hippie glasses?

If you can score the same hippie glasses design in the 1960s, they sure might be expensive. Hence, you need to take better care of them. Of course, when you're not using them, placing the glasses in an eyeglasses case is ideal. This will protect the frame from getting any dust. Also, you do not want these glasses just to be placed anywhere. Doing so will risk the possibility of getting damaged.


The same with how you take care of your other eyeglasses; only use the microfiber cloth provided by your manufacturer when cleaning the lenses. Sure, your hippie glasses were equipped with anti-scratch when you purchased them. But it's better to use the appropriate cleaning tools for your 1960s glasses and avoid the risk of damage.


Finally, whether you scored the hippie glasses from thrift stores or got a modernized version of the 1960s frame, you must have the care tips to ensure the longevity of your accessories.

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