Teashade glasses explained

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Looking for sunglasses presents you with a ton of various shades on it. Whether the glasses have shades of gray, blue, polarized, or mirrored coatings, these different tints have one purpose. How about a good kind of shade with a vintage touch?


You can count on teashade glasses. Suppose you want to look for a unique take on your sunglasses; teashade might be ideal. But how does this shade differ from others that you usually see on the market today? Is the teashade for you? Read through to know more.


Teashade glasses

People's common impressions of teashade glasses

Teashade glasses are more than just the literal shade of the eyeglasses. These glasses were famously called John Lennon glasses or granny glasses. People into vintage fashion and style would know that teashade glasses were usually worn for aesthetic reasons in the 1960s.


Teashade glasses are those medium-sized, rounded lenses usually supported by pads on the nose bridge having a thin wire frame. Back in the day, they were elaborated in a manner that the lenses were exaggeratedly colored, mirrored, and made in large sizes.


Modern-day teashade glasses have plastic lenses, just like the other sunglasses you see today. Additionally, it might be challenging to score some of these vintage frames. However, manufacturers today produce good versions of these teashade glasses.


Who may be good to wear teashade glasses?

Those with square-shaped faces can rely on teashade glasses to highlight their facial features. As they say, it's hip to be square. Square faces can use different kinds of frames. Generally, square faces have cut clean, bold, and angular features, with a straight line from the person's forehead to the jaw.


Regarding proportion, those with square faces usually have the widest along the forehead and jaw. A solid jawline defines the shape; the eyeglasses frame, which sits high on the nose, will add length, which flatters this face type.


To draw attention to your strongest facial features, a rounded frame like teashade glasses is ideal. Round sunglasses will soften and add contrast to your face's angular feature, which accentuates the best parts of your face.


While teashade glasses usually have rims, you can opt for thinner rims of teashade glasses. Also, you can choose curved frame designs which are wider. These frames will soften shaper angles and balance the cheekbones.

Guide to buying the best teashade glasses

Vintage will always be pleasing to the eyes, much more with teashade glasses, which were initially made for aesthetics and fashion. Indeed, you can always look classic and trendy with a pair of these 1960s glasses. But how does one choose the best.


1. Identify your face shape

The style of your frame will depend on your facial features. Hence, knowing your face shape is probably the first thing you must consider. The right frame style will highlight your facial features. This is especially essential for people who have to wear glasses constantly. You do not want to wear glasses that destroy the features of your face. As you may know, wearing glasses can be a burden for some. Others find them blocking their features. Hence getting the right fit for your eyeglasses is essential.


2. Consider the colors of your frame. 

In most cases, teashade glasses already have some tints on the lenses. However, you can still use more colors on the rim and the arms of the glasses. Getting the right color is similar to choosing the appropriate frame styles for your face. People with cooler skin tones may prefer different shades of gray, blue, and black. Meanwhile, red, pink, and tan colors are suitable for those with warmer skin tones.


3. Assess the purpose of your glasses. 

In most cases, teashade glasses are ideal for pairing up with your get-up at gatherings and functions which require you to dress up. However, some variations of these retro frame styles are helpful for daily activities. If you have to do heavy chores daily, ensure the glasses you buy are durable enough in case of bumps and accidents.  


4. Cost. 

You can go stylish without spending much money on teashade glasses. The goal is to get the right fit of frames to accentuate your features and be functional enough to withstand daily use.

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