10 best designer glasses for men and women

Lensmart 2024-04-15 12:06:46

The eyeglasses you choose are more than just an accessory to improve your vision. Each pair conveys a lot about your sense of style and personality. This is why more people are inclined to buy designer glasses. They provide prestige, comfort, and durability for the wearer. However, designer frames usually come with a price; some can even be very expensive, so you must ensure you get your money's worth if you invest in these eyeglasses.

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Why are designer glasses so popular?

Designer glasses are usually made of high-quality materials, and they are the go-to eyewear for most famous personalities. Due to their consistent exposure, more and more people become curious about them. Here are other reasons why, despite their cost, designer glasses are popular.


Designer frames are customizable. One excellent benefit of designer glasses is the luxury of personalizing the frame based on your needs. For example, if you use the frame as a prescription glasses, you can change the lenses using your eye prescription.


They're durable. Buying designer glasses means paying for the brand and the quality of the frames. Manufacturers use premium materials to create the high-end appearance of designer frames. They're also sturdy enough to be used every day.


They keep up with the current trends. In fashion, trends can change quickly. If you wish to wear eyeglasses and follow eyewear trends, designer frames help you keep up with the latest styles. In most cases, these frames coincide with the current fashion seasons.


How to find the best designer glasses for men?

Choosing the best designer glasses depends on several factors. While they may differ from person to person, here are some vital aspects one must consider before buying any designer frame.


1.Assess your face shape.

Knowing your face shape lets you narrow your frame styles into those that complement your face. Generally, people with round faces can opt for geometrical, rectangular, or square frames, and vice versa.


2.Know your vision needs. 

Essentially, designer glasses are customizable. This means you must know whether you need high-end lenses or just standard ones. As a result, you can take advantage of your glasses' full potential to improve your vision.


3.Consider the frame color.

Earth tones like green, navy, ivory, and brown are ideal for warmer skin tones, while pink, purple, gray, and silver suit those with cool skin colors.


How to find the best designer glasses for women?

Searching for the best designer frames for women follows the rules mentioned above. Your goal is to have eyeglasses that are stylish and guarantee functionality. Regarding style, it's also vital to know that these glasses come in different designs, and some might be unsuitable for your preferences. This is why trying on the frames online is a plus. Most eyewear stores like Lensmart allow customers to wear the glasses virtually and see how they look before purchasing a pair.


Best designer glasses for men

Designer glasses do not have to be extremely expensive, as manufacturers can guarantee high-end quality for a reasonable cost. The list below shows the most trendy designer frames for men.



Rectangle Green-Tortoiseshell Glasses for Men

Those who need thicker lenses for their prescription glasses can maximize this frame with its solid rim borders. The overall look might seem bulky, but each piece is made of lightweight materials for a comfortable wearing experience, even when you use the glasses for extended hours.


Rectangle Black/Gold Glasses for Men

The black and gold combination on your glasses exudes professionalism. Men can wear this Andrew frame during business meetings or any professional gatherings. There's also the gold and brown color variant if you wish to use brighter designer frames.


Oval Black Glasses for Men

An oval frame with a bolder and unique upper rim is what these Kairo glasses bring to their wearers. Each pair brings functionality and comfort, making the frame popular among eyewear enthusiasts. These glasses are also very stylish, exuding a fierce yet classic vibe.


Aviator Black Glasses for Men

This classic aviator glasses transports you to the 1930s when the design was first developed. If you're not into the old-school Aviator design, you can change the color to blue, light blue, or yellow. These colors give off a relatively brighter look when wearing these frames.



Square Ebony Glasses for Men

Because of its earth tone, a wooden frame complements well with any outfit color. These Antonio designer frames have wooden details on the rim and silver highlights on the nose bridge. The details bring a stylish look to whoever wears these glasses.


Best designer glasses for women

Whether you're buying designer glasses for women for someone as a gift or you're about to replace your old frames, you have a wide selection of designs to choose from. Start with the list below.



Cat-eye Silver-Green Glasses for Women

This cat eye frame is stylish and unique in its way. The sharper upper rim edges magnify the relatively fierce aura always evident in cat-eye designs. While each piece might lean towards fashion, you can still buy and use it as prescription glasses.



Oval Light/Blue Glasses for Women

The thin rim borders in light blue, green, and black allow wearers to easily experiment with various color combinations with their outfits. The shape is also playful, as some can look at it as an oval frame while others see it as a heart shape.



Cat-eye Gold-Pink Glasses for Women

Wear a fairy-like look with these Ozara designer glasses, which come with shimmering stones on each side of the rim. Besides the style, you can have this frame for your eye prescription. You can also play with colors and combine pink with shades like red, black, white, and tortoiseshell.



Square Black Eyeglasses for Women

Oversized frames are also an eyewear trend in 2024. Get the brighter color variant for these glasses, including pink, transparent, wine, or gray stripe. The structure seems solid, but they're all lightweight to ensure the best comfort when worn.



Round Gold Titanium Glasses for Women

Achieve the Harry Potter glasses with these Brett frames. If you don't prefer the black one, you can turn to the gray and gold variants. The frame colors are stylish enough to complement any of your outfit colors. Each piece exudes a classic vibe, given that the design was already used during the 80s.

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