Amber glasses explained: are they good for eyes?

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Do eyeglasses' colors matter? They do, for various reasons. The colors of eyeglasses can accentuate one's facial features. Additionally, colored lenses have relatively different implications. Some are for fashion. Others are used to treat eye conditions and sleeping habits.

Amber glasses, for example, are used by most to protect their eyes. However, there's more to these colored lenses than just protection. Read through to learn more.

Amber glasses

Why does someone like amber glasses?

Besides donning colored lenses for fashion, amber glasses are loved by many as they're known for reducing eye strains and fatigue caused by glare and bright light and improving color contrast.


Are you someone who spends so much time on computers and gadgets watching videos? Experts even revealed that amber lenses block blue light, which is generally emitted from technology. Blue light reduces visual acuity and forces the eyes to work harder, leading to headaches and possible migraine.


Technically, people like amber glasses since they are multi-purpose eyewear. They're usually useful against blue and green backgrounds like the sky and the grass. Additionally, you can use them outdoors for water sports, fishing, hunting, cycling, and playing baseball or golf.


Are amber lenses good for the eyes?

Besides using these glasses outdoors, more and more people are also wearing amber glasses indoors. This multi-purpose eyewear is good for the eyes in the following situations:


1. Light sensitivity. 

Some also call this eye condition photophobia. Those who experience some discomfort from the light usually retreat to dark rooms or wear sunglasses. Light-sensitivity lenses block narrow light wavelengths, which can be troublesome for photophobic people.


2. Migraine. 

Some specific types of amber lenses can relieve headaches triggered by certain light wavelengths. It's best to reach out to your eye doctor about the amber glasses you need to use to counter your migraines.


3. Fluorescent lights. 

People sensitive to light might find fluorescent lamps bothersome. The lamps discharge light with mercury vapors under low pressure. The produced light is related to eye symptoms like burning, itchy, strain, increased light sensitivity, and soreness. There are amber glasses that can lessen the effects of symptoms from fluorescent light.

4. Gaming and computer use. 

Too much exposure to gadgets and computer screens can strain the eyes. Hence most people wear glasses to protect the direct effect. While one can choose the tint, amber glasses are included in the options.


5. Night driving. 

In most cases, one cannot use sunglasses when driving at night as they are relatively dark. In the case of tinted ones like ambler glasses, lenses are said to reflect the glare from headlights and streetlamps and scatter them. As a result, it will become less bothersome to the wearer.


Do amber glasses help with sleep?

While more research has yet to be done to prove that amber glasses help with sleep, a few studies support this claim. A team from Columbia University Irving Medical Center, headed by Ari Shechter, Ph.D., recruited 14 individuals with insomnia. For seven straight nights, the respondents wore amber glasses.


Four weeks later, they repeated the practice but switched the type of glasses. Researchers found out that the respondents got around thirty minutes of extra sleep after wearing amber glasses. During a self-reporter survey, participants also said they experienced quality, more significant duration, and soundness of sleep after the experiment.


Of course, it is always on a case-to-case basis. Before using amber glasses to relieve some eye conditions or discomforts, it's ideal for you to visit your eye doctor first.


Guide to buying the best amber glasses

Of course, you must ensure you get the right frame shape and style to accentuate your facial features. Since your lens already has a tint, ensure that the color of your frame will complement the tint and your skin tone. Remember that the frame must not overpower your overall look.


Additionally, since some amber glasses are used to relieve eye discomfort, inspecting the materials used is beneficial. They have to be high quality and durable. More importantly, quality calls for costly products. However, be smart in choosing amber glasses. Excellent brands offer affordable and durable products. Finally, reach out to your eye specialists for a better wearer's experience.

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