Buying the best night driving glasses: do they work?

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Driving at night is very different from driving during the day. Not only are the surroundings darker but you will also have to deal with the glare from oncoming headlights and bright street lights, which can affect your reflexes or alter your judgment while driving. To ensure your safety on the road, it is advisable to invest in a good pair of night driving glasses, especially if you often drive after sundown.

Night Driving Glasses

Do Night Driving Glasses Actually Work?

Night driving glasses definitely work. If you are used to driving during the day and suddenly find yourself having to navigate the roads at night, you easily see the differences. These will be most evident on busy streets with plenty of oncoming traffic. The lights from oncoming traffic can get into your eyes, diminishing your vision and increasing the risk of accidents. Using night driving glasses can help prevent this by maintaining vision clarity despite these conditions.

What Kind of Glasses Are Best for Night Driving?

There are a lot of opinions as to which eyeglasses are most helpful for night driving. Many say that photochromic lenses are great for driving. However, this is only true during the day when the sun is very bright. This is because photochromic lenses only darken under sunlight and are completely clear during low-light situations. So if you use this for night driving, it won't really do anything to reduce glare.

On the other hand, glasses that have yellow-tinted lenses can greatly reduce annoying glare, helping you see a lot better when driving at night. Similarly, blue light-filtering glasses also work well. The glare-reducing effect can be magnified if you choose glasses that have an anti-reflective coating on the lenses.

How to Buy the Best Night Driving Glasses?

When shopping for night driving glasses, the first and most important thing to consider is the kind of lenses that the glasses have. As mentioned earlier, yellow-tinted lenses work best for driving at night. Try to look for a shade that is comfortable for you to wear, avoiding those that are too dark that they might prevent you from seeing obstacles on the road. Also, it is a good idea to pick a slightly larger frame size as this will give you wider coverage, keeping your vision clear from a broader area.

Even if it is dark and you might just be by yourself in the car, it's still important that you look good. After all, you can still wear the glasses for other occasions. So when choosing night driving glasses, you must consider the shape of your face and pick a frame shape that complements your features. If you are buying online, use the virtual try-on feature so you can see how you would look while wearing them.

Best Night Driving Glasses

If you are looking for glasses that will give you clarity for night driving while making you look great at the same time, here are our top picks.

1.Sarah - Square Glasses in Black/Brunette

Sarah: Square Black-Brunette/Spots Glasses

This pair of glasses is a great option for night driving because of the wider girth of the lenses and the lightweight material of the frame. Made of a combination of TR90 and metal, the Sarah square glasses are durable and stylish, giving you a very confident look that might be more than enough to turn a traffic violation ticket into a simple warning.

2.Gaetana - Aviator Glasses

Gaetana Aviator Glasses

Exude a sleek and very contemporary look with this modern take on the classic aviator glasses. The Gaetana are suitable for both men and women. It features a thin metal frame that makes it extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. Best of all, the anti-reflective coating feature on its lenses makes it ideal for night driving. The black finish is extremely versatile but the red and blue varieties are just as stunning.

3.Georgia - Round Glasses

Georgia Round Glasses

Another fashionable unisex pair, the Georgia round glasses in red can really make a style statement. The gorgeous red hue of the slim frame will immediately draw attention to your eyes. While driving, this durable but comfy pair will ensure that you see clearly on the road, thanks to its anti-reflective and anti-scratch features.



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