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Lazy glasses are most likely the couch potato's ultimate dream come true. Lying flat on your back, watching your favorite shows on television would be glorious. Should you wish to read in bed late at night, you do not need to prop yourself up with pillows. You can simply lie flat on your back, don your lazy glasses, and read your book or surf the Internet on your mobile or tablet.

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This is what the optician, Theodore Hamblin, had in mind when he invented lazy glasses in 1936. That is why it is also known as the Hamblin glasses. In the twenty-first century, these eyeglasses are still available at many online stores. Perhaps they will be willing to serve you with a pair of lazy glasses for your enjoyment.

However, during Hamblin's time, it did not really become popular. It might still be regarded as a mere novelty, but it might be helpful for others.

How do lazy glasses work?

Imagine lying in bed flat on your back and being able to read a book without lifting your head and straining your neck. Perhaps you could also surf the Internet on your mobile phone while doing so. The lazy glasses were designed to make this possible. How does it work?

Hamblin designed the glasses to mimic a periscope that is used for submarines to see above sea level. It would therefore be interesting to see how the periscope works. Inadvertently, it would describe how lazy glasses work.

A periscope is an example of how the law of reflection works. This is similar to how lazy glasses work. The periscope, as well as the lazy glasses, would make use of mirrors to reflect images. With lazy glasses, that would include text when you are reading a book.

Focusing on the lazy glasses, the glasses would have two mirrors or reflecting prisms. These prisms are placed at 45-degree angles. By shifting the light's direction, the first prism captures the image and reflects it horizontally onto the second prism, where it can be seen. See below for an illustration of how a periscope would work. Lazy glasses work on the same principle, but in a condensed version. Click on prism glasses if you would like to know more about it.

Are lazy glasses worth it?

The question is: would you wear it if Lensmart offered it to you? Perhaps it is a good idea if you are a lazy person or just want to lie back and relax. Some have noted that it helps them with neck issues. The reason is that some people suggested that they could use their mobile phones or read books for much longer while lying flat on their backs.

As noted in some reviews of lazy sunglasses, it is a very helpful tool for those who might have back problems and are confined to bed. It is noted by some that it helps to keep the neck and the spine straight as well, thus alleviating discomfort and pain.

Others have suggested that the glasses do not allow for full page views, and that it is difficult to see the full view of a tablet. Furthermore, if you wear reading glasses, such as Spectrum, the text might be blurry if you do not use them in your reading classes. If you use it with reading glasses, it might also make the glasses heavier, placing strain on the face and neck.

Spectrum: Rectangle Blue Eyeglasses For Men

Are lazy glasses bad for your eyes?

As with any activity, such as screen time on your mobile phone or tablet, overdoing it can cause eye strain. This means that, should you use lazy glasses for too long, it can cause strain on the eyes. Eye strain can also cause tension in the neck and in the face and can therefore cause fatigue.

It is also not a good idea to use it without your prescription reading glasses, such as Mabry. It would definitely cause eye strain without it. However, as said before, it can cause tension in your neck and your face because it could make your eyeglasses heavier. This could result in headaches or even aches in the eyeballs.

Mabry: Square Tortoiseshell/Brown Eyeglasses For Men and Women

How to choose the right lazy glasses?

It is important to choose the right lazy glasses. Perhaps the best way to begin is to first select a pair of reading glasses from Lensmart. As previously stated, you should not wear lazy glasses without your reading glasses. Eyeglasses such as the Holland are quite light to use with your lazy glasses.

Holland: Rectangle Red/Gold Eyeglasses For Men and Women

Once you have chosen your eyeglasses, it is just a matter of finding the right design for your lazy glasses. This should be easy once you have decided which eyeglasses you bought from Lensmart. A reminder is to always look at the shape of your face to find the best fitting and best-designed eyeglasses for the shape of your face.

If you do not wear eyeglasses, you should find a pair of lazy glasses with a good fit and a good design. One of the important aspects of lazy glasses is that they should be light in weight.

In short

As noted, it can be helpful for some people, but others have problems with it. Perhaps it is a fun tool to use in the short term as well. However, it depends entirely on your preferences and how you can use this tool to your advantage.

Even though lazy glasses could be seen as a novelty, they could be very helpful to people, as noted in this discussion. It depends entirely on how you want to use it and why you would want to use it. Laziness is not always the goal. However, it could be very helpful if you are bedridden and cannot sit up straight

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