Night vision glasses: best eyewear for nocturnal activities

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Night time presents us with a completely different view of the world. The artificial lights we have to use have a different effect on our eyes. Less light enters the eye, and this impairs some of our vision. This often requires us to make use of night vision glasses.

This is especially true for driving at night. Because of the low light, a sudden burst of bright light can cause havoc on your eyes, and a pair of protective eyewear can help with this. Many refer to these glasses as "driving glasses" as well.

Night vision glasses can help eliminate bright night light and can allow you to see better at night.

night vision glasses

Do Night Vision Glasses Really Work?

These glasses can work for some people as they are not generally prescription glasses. If you do wear prescription eyeglasses, you can get a pair of prescription night vision glasses to solve the issue.

Some researchers have indicated that these glasses are not as effective as users claim. The test results focused on the response time of drivers when seeing pedestrians. Even though tests have been negative about its effectiveness, it would still depend on the individual.

Night vision glasses can work, especially if you choose ones that do not have a very dark shade, such as Isabella. Most of the glasses have yellow lenses, but they can also be amber. If the lenses are too dark, it will make it impossible to see clearly.

Isabella: Rectangle Transparent/Night-Vision Sunglasses

Pros and Cons of Night Vision Glasses

One of the pros of night vision glasses is that they can reduce the light coming from oncoming cars as well as street lights. A reflective coating on the lenses can further assist with this.

By filtering out much of the surrounding blue light (even the dashboard light), these glasses can improve contrast. As a result, it can improve night vision for some. A pair of night vision glasses can also serve as sunlight and UV protection.

The cons of the glasses are that, if the shade of the glasses is too dark, it will become more difficult to see as it will filter out more light. This can cause less contrast and impaired visibility. As mentioned before, researchers have also indicated that the glasses do not work.

How to Choose the Right Night Vision Glasses?

The first step is to find out whether you need eyeglasses or whether you need to have your prescription adjusted. Even so, it is important to find out why you have difficulty seeing at night. In the end, choosing to wear a pair of night vision glasses is an individual decision.

You can choose any frame type, size, or color, and we can add the yellow lenses for you. One important aspect, already mentioned, is to have a reflective coating added. In order to improve your night vision, you can also simply have the reflective coating added to your clear lenses as well.

Yellow lenses can be attractive, too, and you can get yourself a prescription pair such as Merida as well. This is only if you prefer this option. The best way to find out if yellow or even red glasses work for you is to try them out. Even so, there are alternatives.

Merida: Oval Black/Yellow Sunglasses

Choosing a larger and thinner frame, such as Adira, might also help to improve visibility. Choose the frame and add one of the following types of lenses to improve night vision.

Adira: Aviator Black/Yellow Sunglasses

1. Your vision may be clearer with high-definition eyeglass lenses. By choosing these lenses, you may be able to enhance your vision in all lighting conditions and reduce glare, especially while driving at night. This includes giving sharper contrast in low light. This makes them ideal for driving at night.

2. Free-form lenses can be made to fit the specific needs of your eyes. These computer-generated lenses can focus more precisely on vision-related problems. The lenses are directed at your specific needs, offering the clearest vision both during the day and at night.

3. Wavefront lenses are another way that lenses can be customized. The technology customizes lenses for each individual, enhancing vision in all types of lighting. This too will make it an ideal pair of night vision glasses.


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