Thin frame glasses explained: does it look better?

Lensmart 2024-02-23 11:58:32

The evolution of eyewear saw the rise of thin frame glasses which most minimalists prefer. For many eyeglass wearers, wearing the frame style exudes a modern vibe and feels lighter. As you read this article, you'll discover when and how the thin frame glasses came about and where you can score the best ones on the market today.


thin frame glasses

The popularity of thin frame glasses

The subtle and invisible look are features that draw more people to choose thin frame glasses. You might even have eyed some of these frames while shopping to replace your old eyeglasses. While you might be surprised about the style's popularity now, the frame was made decades back, especially during the 1950s. This was during the wave of minimalism, inspired by various celebrities like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. The thin frame glasses before were widely accepted across the globe and became an iconic fashion statement.


What you see now are modern versions of thin frame glasses, which range from sunglasses to prescription eyeglasses. Besides the younger generation, this style is also trendy among the older ones.

Do thin frame glasses look better?

Thin frame glasses bring out a chic vibe for every wearer. They're also easier to pair with any outfit style and color. As you know, most of these frames are in gold, silver, or any metallic detail, and they're mostly thinner than other frame designs. You'll still look chic and stylish even when wearing the glasses on casual or ordinary days. It's the go-to design for someone who wants something other than flashy eyewear.

Do thin frame glasses make people look younger?

Essentially, thin frames give off that youthful and modern vibe. However, one thing you must consider when choosing eyeglasses of such design is the shape, as some frame styles may make you look older. You can opt for round, thin frame glasses that soften significant angles on your face to have that stylish and youthful energy. These frames also exude playfulness and sophistication.

Best thin frame glasses for men and women

We're giving you some of the trendy and best thin frame glasses in the market today through the list below. The best part is all these frames are open for customization for a more personalized touch. Check each of them below.


Cat-eye Brown Glasses for Women

These neutral, thin frame glasses are surely worth every penny spent. The cat eye style makes the frame slightly oversized, ensuring full protection of your eyes from the sun and possible debris. Since it's in earth tones, you can easily pair the glasses with any clothes in your closet. Remember to provide your recent eye prescription if you use the frame to correct your vision.



Square Silver-Blue Glasses for Women

You can never go wrong with a blue and silver combination on your glasses frame. These frame spectacles are ideal for people with round or oval faces as they provide angles on the face, giving balance to the facial features. It's an oversized frame, so try the glasses virtually before purchasing. Ensure they won't overpower features and cover your face. Besides the blue and silver, you have orange, green, and brown options.



Oval Gold-Tortoiseshell Glasses for Men and Women

The oval frame is an ideal choice for any face shape. Achieve that youthful vibe with these thin frame glasses, which come in gold, tortoiseshell, and black colors. For earth tone lovers, the closest variant colors you can choose are gold and tortoiseshell variants. The frame is versatile and functional, as you can wear it as prescription glasses.



Oval Navy-Blue Glasses for Women

Thin frame glasses may look simple to some people. These Inmer geometrical frames provide significant angular details for a more modernized and unconventional fashion. Your color options include navy blue, black, and gold, whichever complements your skin tone best. The frame's lenses also have an excellent anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating for the best vision quality when wearing the glasses. Most importantly, each piece is sturdy enough to withstand the effects of bumps and falls.



Aviator Glasses for Men

Go retro with these Aviator thin frame glasses. You can customize its rim borders with black, green, gold, and gray colors. This Alvis frame looks relatively the same as the classic Aviators you saw decades ago. The nose pads are also adjustable for the best snug fit. Its gold and black variants are also suitable for women.

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