What vintage glasses are coming back in 2024?

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The new year means one thing to the eyewear enthusiasts—the dawn of fresh trends. Along with the latest discoveries come vintage glasses that are poised to make a return. Are you ready to find out which classic frames will zoom up to fame once again? Here’s the tell-all guide for you!


vintage glasses


Common types of vintage glasses

Before dialing back to the tried-and-tested vintage specs, it’s important to learn about their different types. The earliest styles appeared as early as the 19th century. The history of eyewear produced many distinctive frames, each with a different appeal and functionality.


1.Round glasses. Eyewear was almost always round-shaped during the olden days. Some notable examples include the pince-nez and Windsor eyeglasses.


2.Cat-eye glasses. The innovative look of cat-eye spectacles has come a long way from its original style in the 50’s. Still, this frame is always popular for its flattering shape.


3.Horn-rimmed glasses. First-recorded in the late 19th century, the name ‘horn-rimmed’ describes eyewear made of a horn or tortoiseshell. Today, this style is also available in plastic.


4.Aviators, wayfarers, and clubmasters. The nostalgic sense of these frames is what makes them vintage glasses. Each eyewear has a different design, but ultimately grants a sleek and sophisticated look to the wearer.


What vintage glasses are coming back in 2024?

The future of eyeglasses lies in the comeback of classic frames. Reimagining these timeless pieces allows creators and designers to update the form and functionality of the glasses. As such, the frame becomes durable, suitable, and fashionable to wear.


Not all vintage eyeglasses can successfully claim a spot on the trends list. Nevertheless, here are a few that will surely find their way to the wardrobes of fashion savvy owners this 2024.



Transparent wayfarers are looking at improved popularity in the new year thanks to the innovation of eyewear makers. There are newer frames of this style that have transparent and gradient rims, which are sought-after features today.


Elegance is a fitting word to describe classic aviator glasses. This teardrop-shaped eyewear has a charming aura, with a prominent top bar to accentuate the face. Plus, most designs today integrate sustainability, making them worth the purchase!

3.Round glasses

You will love the modern update that round vintage eyeglasses have these days. The rims are bolder, and the colors are brighter to satisfy the palate of fashionistas. They also come in various lens tints and materials to meet the modern shopper’s standards.


Best vintage glasses for men in 2024

1.Elvira Round Glasses

Round Black Glasses for Women and Men

Your pair of Elvira round glasses boasts a one-of-a-kind accent on the nose pad area of the frame. The full metal construction features thin arms and slightly thick rims that protect the lenses efficiently. Its versatile frame is what allows the wearer to create a timeless look for their outfit!


2.Dallis Aviator Glasses


Aviator Black Glasses for Men and Women


An unusually shaped eyewear, the Dallis vintage glasses have geometric rims and a thin frame to boot. This combination speaks of simplicity, making it a safe pick for anyone looking to buy specs for everyday use.


3.Pasa Square Glasses


Square Brown Glasses for Men and Women


Don’t the Pasa square eyeglasses remind you of the popular styles in the 60s? There’s a major resurgence happening in 2024, especially since celebrities and influencers dare to bring back this frame.


Best vintage glasses for women in 2024

1.Kas Round Glasses


Round Gold-Tortoiseshell Glasses


You can never stray from the trends when you opt to wear the Kas round glasses. This pair has thin and lightweight rims, as well as gold accents to beautify the design. Plus, the rim has a tortoiseshell pattern, which is also an emerging feature for today’s accessories.


2.Starlight Round Glasses


Round Red-Brown Glasses


The Starlight vintage glasses have a bold and bright gradient design on the rims, which modernizes the eyewear's appearance. It's both simple and stunning, making it suitable for women of all ages.


3.Cathy Rectangle Glasses


Rectangle Black Glasses for Men


A pair of black Cathy rectangle glasses is all you need to elevate your professional style. This frame is a classic cut, boasting a protective quality care of its thick rims. It’s lovely to look at, and even lovelier to wear!


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