What are the best thick glasses for 2024?

Lensmart 2024-03-18 11:17:51

When one wears thick glasses, your first impression would be that the person most likely has poor vision. While this is true in most cases, others use thick frames because they love the bolder look that the eyeglasses give. Thick-framed glasses are usually made of acetate or plastic material.

Thick frame glasses


The best thick glasses depend on your preferences and other essential factors, such as your face shape, color, and the quality of the materials. Read along to learn more about how to score the popular thick frames this 2024.


The popularity of thick glass frames

Thick glasses are fashionable, and this is one reason why the design has been popular for many decades. Famous classic celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and James Dean even wear them. Johnny Depp, Zoey Deschanel, and other favorite modern-day trendsetters are seen sporting thick glasses. With this, it’s obvious these frames are not going out of trend anytime soon.


Are thicker glasses frames better?

Besides the fashion statement of thick glasses, they add extra support to thicker lenses. This feature is highly beneficial to people with strong eye prescriptions. Furthermore, it makes the glasses durable and less prone to possible breakage. Also, these types of frames make you look younger. Pick the appropriate style for your face shape to achieve that youthful look. As you know, thick glasses may come in different materials, including horn-rimmed, acetate, and tortoiseshell. Each of them has distinct characteristics.


How to buy the best thick glass frames?

The first criterion you must consider when buying thick glasses is the purpose. If you’re getting these glasses for prescription, it might be fitting to purchase the durable ones. This is to ensure they’re comfortable to wear even for longer hours.

Another thing is to identify your face shape before buying any style of thick glasses. You already know that the eyewear must complement your facial features. Pick oval or round thick frames for those with angular faces like geometric, square, or diamond. On the other hand, faces with soft features can choose cat-eye or geometric eyeglasses.

Additionally, the frame color might be a factor in buying an eyewear. The color is surely noticeable since thick glasses generally have bolder rim borders. If you want vibrant and colorful shades, ensure they complement well with your skin tone.


2024 new thick glasses for men and women

Modern thick glasses offer different styles and aura when worn. Here are some eyeglasses you should have if you’re into bolder and thicker frames.


Square Thick Glasses for Women

Bolder frame styles do not have to be one-color toned, which can look boring to some people. These fancy, thick glasses are for you to try on if you need to sport colorful eyewear. The rainbow-like rim borders elevate your style, especially if you’re into wearing black, white, or any earth tones for your clothing. Use these glasses for work or school and prepare to receive compliments from people around you.


Round Thick Glasses for Women and Men

Thick glasses don’t need to have bolder rim colors. A good example is these frames from the Joyce collection. Clear purple, champagne, light pink, and clear color options are available. These variations allow you to look like you’re not wearing glasses. Each piece comes with adjustable nose pads for the best snug fit, while the solid rim borders ensure your lenses are safe from falling. Ensure you input your eye prescription if you need the glasses to correct your vision.


Rectangle Thick Glasses for Men and Women

Your eyewear collection needs at least one pair of glasses that exude a fun vibe. These rectangular frames from Lennon are colorful and elegant when worn. The purple and shiny brown variants are so pretty to pass on. Meanwhile, there’s a black frame color option if you’re not into eyeglasses with brighter colors.

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