Are silver or gold glasses better?

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Just like in jewelry, there is also a debate in the eyewear industry as to whether silver or gold glasses are better. And like in jewelry, there is no absolute answer because it depends on many different factors. Both silver and gold have their own unique qualities, and the wearer also has their own unique features. All of these must be considered when picking the right eyeglasses.

women's gold glasses

Silver glasses vs. gold glasses

Metallic glasses have always been popular through the years, both among men and women. In fact, the first glasses were made with metal frames. To this day, metal frames are highly popular because of their durability, low maintenance, and classy look. Of course, the styles have evolved throughout the years, with so many more options today than ever. It actually all boils down to personal choice but if you are wondering whether silver or gold glasses are better for you, read on.

Who should wear silver glasses?

According to eyewear experts, silver glasses are most flattering for people that have a cool skin complexion. Take note that it’s not about having light or dark skin, although most cool complexions tend to be lighter in color. A cool skin tone can usually indicated by having veins that appear blue rather than green.

Who should wear gold glasses?

As for gold glasses, they beautifully compliment people with warm undertones in the skin. These are people whose veins appear greenish rather than bluish in natural daylight. They also usually have cream or apricot undertones in the skin, as well as hair that has golden or reddish tinges. Many of these people also have freckles. If you think you have warm toned skin, then by all means you should get yourself some gold glasses.

Best silver glasses frames for 2024

1.Kail square silver glasses

Square White/Silver Glasses for Women and Men

With silver glasses, you can never go wrong with a classic shape so our first pick is the Kail square glasses. This unisex frame features square lens frames but with very soft edges. Combined with a solid black arm, this piece of eyewear gives off a very classy and professional vibe, and is the perfect finish to any outfit.


2.Maverick aviator silver glasses

Aviator Silver Glasses for Men and Women

Another timeless frame style is the aviator. Popularly used in sunglasses, the aviator style also works very well for prescription lenses, as you can see with the Maverick glasses. The allure of the eyewear speaks for itself, and the silver finish of the metal frame takes the chicness level of your look up several notches.


3.Jasmine round silver glasses

Round White/Silver Glasses for Women

Our third pic of best silver frame for 2024 is for the ladies. Just one look at the Jasmine round glasses and you will instantly be enamored by how charming it is. The frame is not perfectly round but has some very slight angular features that definitely add interest. But what we love the most about this pair is the pair of dangling silver stars on either side of the frame, cementing the status of this eyewear as a must-have fashion accessory.


Best gold glasses frames for 2024

1.Beryl rectangle gold glasses

Rectangle Gold Glasses for Women

This is another pair of glasses that also comes with its own set of bling. The Beryl rectangle frame is made specifically for women and could very well be a girl’s best friend when it comes to eyewear. On both sides of the frame are a couple of diamond-like rhinestones, making this the perfect pair of glasses to wear for special occasions.

2.Vava oval gold glasses

Oval Gold Glasses for Men and Women

This unisex frame features gold rims that beautifully contrast with the black arms in a classic combination. The Vava oval glasses are made of high-grade metal that is sure to last for years, yet it is surprisingly lightweight and very comfortable to wear all day long. The gold frame is perfect for more formal settings but for more casual settings, you can also get this pair in a fun red hue.

3.Nevaeh round gold glasses

Rectangle Gold Glasses for Women

Not your typical pair of glasses, the Nevaeh round glasses are perfect for ladies that have more of an artistic and creative side. The round frames are perfect for those with heart-shaped and angular faces, but it is the unique design of the golden rim that would surely attract attention. This is indeed a great pair to wear in 2024.

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