2024 new pink glasses styles for women

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As we usher in 2024, we find an influx of new pink glasses in a myriad of designs, shapes, and sizes. Some of the designs are quite plain, which actually makes them versatile as these are easy to pair with any outfit. Others are more extravagant and are more of a fashion statement than just a practical piece of eyewear. No matter which type of pink glasses you are looking for, you will definitely not run short of choices with all the great new styles that have recently come out in the market!

Pink Glasses

The Popularity of Pink Glasses

Part of the reason why pink glasses are so popular today can be attributed to the recent release of the Barbie movie, which reignited a love for pink outfits and accessories. But even without this, pink has always been a top choice when it comes to women’s eyewear.


For starters, pink is a youthful color. If you wear pink glasses, you can easily look at least a decade younger than your actual age. No matter what particular shade of pink you choose, there is always a glow and freshness to this color that works just like the fountain of youth.


Another reason why pink is so popular is because it is fun. Eyeglasses, by nature, exude seriousness and formality. If you notice in movies or plays, if a character is portrayed to be stern or sensible, they usually wear glasses. But with pink glasses, the effect is almost the opposite.


What Pink Glasse Frames Are Best for Women?

In choosing your pink glasses, there are a couple of key factors to consider. First of all, you need to know the shape of your face because you should pick a frame style that complements your appearance. Next, you must pick the right material for the frame, which is usually either plastic or metal.


It’s essentially a matter of personal preference since most pink glasses were created for women, anyway. The most wonderful thing about this is that there are so many choices available! To help you take your pick, we have listed our top recommended pink glasses below.


2024 New Pink Glasses Styles for Women

1.Jasmine Round Pink Glasses

Round Pink Glasses for Women

We start off the list of our highly recommended pink glasses with the round-framed Jasmine glasses. These glasses are perfect for the fashionable modern woman who likes her bling. A pair of charming golden stars dangle along either side of the thin metal frames, elevating a regular piece of eyewear to a really fancy accessory. Made of high quality metal, this frame transitions very well from all-day wear at work to a romantic date. The shape of these glasses is most flattering to women with square or heart-shaped faces.


2.Sarah Square Pink Glasses


Square Pink Glasses for Women


If you have a rounded face and are looking to add some angles to your features, the Sarah square glasses are an ideal choice. We absolutely love the shade of pink that the thermoplastic frame comes in. The color just pops and takes years off your look. It also complements just about any skin tone and hair color. Furthermore, the light weight of the material makes it comfortable to wear for long periods.


3.Cherry Rectangle Pink Glasses


Rectangle Light/Pink Glasses for Women


Rectangular glasses are another excellent choice for round faces, just like the Cherry glasses. If you are not a fan of bright pinks, the more subdued tone of this eyewear would be to your liking. The translucent frame comes in a very light shade of pink and features a small checked detail at the corners, which greatly adds interest to an otherwise basic-looking piece.


4.Behati Cat Eye Pink Glasses


Cat-eye Pink Glasses for Women


The diamond-studded pink Behati glasses are the ultimate eyewear for the stylish woman of today. Turn heads and get appreciative looks wherever you go while wearing these stunning glasses. The cat eye shape of the frame uplifts the eyes, while the half rim frames beautifully frame your eyes without concealing them at all.


5.Laila Cat Eye Pink Glasses

Cat-eye Pink Glasses for Women 


Exude sophistication and confidence with the Laila cat eye glasses in a delicious combination of gold, nude, and pink. It’s simple enough for everyday wear but definitely gives off a strong sense of personal style. The youthful shade of pink will erase years from your age but at the same time, it lets you project an air of timeless elegance.

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