Distance glasses explained: what is the right pair

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Exploring the various kinds of eyeglasses will help you understand their purpose and functions. If you're someone who constantly wears eyeglasses, you know that they come in different forms depending on the person's eye condition.

One of the most common prescription eyewear is distance glasses. You might be wearing one of them now, but you have yet to realize they're distance glasses.

Distance Glasses

What are distance glasses for?

Distance glasses is the glasses with a single-vision lens that many uses to correct nearsightedness or myopia. The concave lenses that the distance glasses have will improve the ability to see distant objects. In short, you'll have distance glasses if you have issues seeing things from afar.

Of course, you'll only know you have this condition when you consult an eye doctor. The severity of myopia varies, so seeing a doctor to get the right prescription is essential before you buy a distance glasses frame.

Distance glasses vs. computer glasses

Computer glasses are designed for those working on a computer for extended hours daily. There's a special reflective coating on the lenses that helps reduce glare and blue light that messes up the circadian rhythm, especially when using computers at night. In most cases, this type of glasses enables you to fall asleep easier and faster. Most importantly, the lenses allow you to view the screen much better.

Distance glasses and computer glasses are different in terms of functionality. As you already know, distance glasses are for those having difficulty getting a clear vision from a distance; meanwhile, computer glasses are generally beneficial for people who use computers or mobile phones for longer periods.

Distance glasses vs. progressive glasses

The main difference between distance glasses and progressive glasses is the number of visions they have for the lenses. Progressive glasses combine the three focal vision distances in one pair of lenses.

On the other hand, distance glasses have single-vision lenses, which aid in correcting distance vision. This means that progressive lenses may also have distance lenses. As you already know, progressives are more convenient if you have other vision issues besides seeing things from afar. You can avoid switching from one pair of glasses to another using progressive glasses.

How to buy the right distance glasses?

The following are some tips for buying the perfect distance glasses. For frequent eyeglasses wearers, these things are not new. The points below are the common things you must look into before purchasing a pair of eyeglasses.

1. Face shape. The goal in identifying your face shape is to ensure you buy the right frame style to accentuate your facial features. For example, if you have a square face, you can choose round frames or oval frames as they soften the sharp and dominant angles of your face. Ensure that the glasses won't overpower your face.

2. Skin color. Cooler skin tones can opt for the frame colors such as pink, tortoise, black, red, or blue. If you have a warmer skin tone, brown, silver, transparent, gold, and purple are ideal colors.

3. Prescription. It's essential to see an eye doctor for the latest eye prescription. There are tons of customizable eyeglasses today, so all you need is the latest prescription, so you can customize your distance glasses with it.

Best frames for distance glasses

Prescription glasses need not be boring as you can style them whichever you want. We give you some frame designs you can take inspiration from.

1. Maverick

Maverick: Aviator Gold Glasses

The timeless aviator from the Maverick collection brings elegance and functionality. The gold details on the rim and temples make the distance glasses look so classy. You can customize most of the frame's features, like color, which includes black, rose gold, and silver.

2. Naura

Naura: Cat-eye Black Glasses

Naura frames offer another stylish and functional pair of distance glasses to you. This slightly oversized cat-eye frame can fit with anyone's facial features. As you know, you can change the lenses based on your eye doctor's prescription.

3. Nevaeh

Nevaeh: Round Tortoiseshell Glasses

You can be playful and chic with these round frames for women. The color options are not flashy, just enough to bring some hues to your face. But the game-changer is the browline style of the frame, which forms like an 'S.'

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