Best 5 reading glasses for men in 2024

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There are millions of eyeglass designs today, and choosing which suits you can be confusing. This is why most people consider factors like frame style and color in addition to their personal preferences. Gone are the days when men would stick to all-black frames for their prescription lenses. Of course, the best reading glasses for men might be different from your own preferences.

This article explains the essential facts about men's reading glasses, how to style them, and where to pick the best ones. Read on to learn more.

reading glasses for men

The development of reading glasses for men

Generally, the term reading glasses used now was once called the reading aid. This was invented in 1000 AD. It was a reading stone with a glass sphere laid on top of reading materials to magnify the letters. Imagine using a magnifying lens while reading. However, it was in 1284 that the first wearable reading glasses were made. Italy's Salvino D'Armate was believed to be their inventor. These glasses were used to prescribe hyperopia.


Fast-forward to the 21st century and those looking for reading glasses for men have diverse options.


How to look stylish with men's reading glasses?

Reading glasses can be a hassle for some people as they may affect their overall style. However, you can always incorporate your eyeglasses so they complement your outfit. Here are some tips on how to look stylish with your reading glasses.


1. Consider the frame style.

In this case, you must first check your face shape. People with geometrical faces can use oval or round reading glasses for men. This balances the sharper angle features on the face. On the other hand, those with round faces can have square or rectangular frame shapes. What's important is that the frame must accentuate the wearer's facial features.


2. Explore your preferred colors.

If you need to bring reading glasses to themed parties or gatherings, you can opt for playful or vibrant frame colors. Those with cooler skin can wear blue, pink, tortoise, or black reading eyeglasses. Meanwhile, warmer skin tones can opt for gold, purple, silver, and brown.


3. Go for minimalist or transparent frames.

Opt for metallic or clear eyeglass frames if you're unsure how to pair your reading glasses with your outfit. These designs allow wearers to pair any of their clothes and still look good and stylish. Since these frames generally are on the minimalist side, they'll generally look good on any outfit.


Best 5 reading glasses for men in 2024

Explore your options from the list of reading glasses for men below. They come in different shapes, colors, and styles.



Aviator Reading Glasses for Men

Aviator frames are popular among eyeglasses wearers, especially those who want a classic look on their eyewear. This design was popularized in the 1930s when eyewear was known as 'pilot glasses' and was used mainly by pilots. Now, you can customize these aviators based on your color preferences. There are lighter colors, like shades of purple and pink, or earth tones, like gray, brown, or black.



Aviator Black Glasses for Men

This is another variant of an Aviator frame. This time, it caters to men searching for that minimalist vibe. You can change the frame color between black and white. As you can see, the rim borders are thin, so consider the thickness of your prescription lenses before buying. Most importantly, each frame's lenses can be customized.



Rectangle Reading Glasses for Men

People with stronger prescriptions and thick lenses can maximize these Darnell frames. The bold rim borders ensure that your lenses are held firmly, especially when performing physical activities. You can choose from gray, tortoiseshell, and blue colors. Lenses can be customized before having the frame delivered to your house.



Rectangle Black Reading Glasses for Men

These classic rectangular frames are your go-to eyeglasses for a casual, simple look. Each piece is lightweight and durable, guaranteeing long-term use. The color options on these frames include matte black, gray, or black and transparent combinations.



Black Reading Glasses for Men

Square designs are ideal for people with oval or round faces. These classic reading glasses for men in black are yours to purchase before they sell out. In addition to black, you can choose brighter colors like brown, gray, or olive green. Opt for the transparent variant if you want to look like you're not wearing eyewear.

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