How to buy the best prescription sunglasses?

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Prescription sunglasses are regular prescription glasses that have tinted lenses, making them suitable to wear in the outdoors or other brightly-lit environments. Many people who wear regular prescription glasses have a hard time wearing sunglasses. Either they need to switch to contacts and then wear sunglasses, or they might wear clip-on tinted lenses over their regular pair. If any of this is too much trouble, they just simply go out with regular glasses and do away with the sunglasses altogether, which can be a huge sacrifice.

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Benefits of Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses allow you to see clearly outdoors while protecting your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun at the same time. They are pricier than regular glasses but they do bring several benefits that make the cost worthwhile.

1.Better Vision

Prescription sunglasses offer a crystal clear vision outdoors, much better than wearing sunglasses over contacts. There are also many lenses today that come with anti-glare features, which allow you to enjoy crisp lines and vivid colors while outdoors.

2.UV Protection

Just like the skin, your eyes need protection from UV rays when you are spending a lot of time outdoors. Prescription eyeglasses have you covered in this department. Quality eyewear can completely protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, which can cause problems like cataracts, macular degeneration, and other issues.


Instead of having to put on contacts or using clip-on sunglasses like we mentioned earlier, you can simply switch to your prescription glasses when heading outdoors. Likewise, when you are going back inside, you can just switch back to your regular lenses.

Is It Safe to Wear Prescription Sunglasses All the Time?

As long as you are wearing the correct prescription for your eyes, it is safe to wear prescription sunglasses as much as you want. After all, they are just like regular lenses except with the added tint. You might want to put them aside when you are indoors though, since the tint will give you a dimmer view, which can cause eye strain and other unpleasant side effects.

How to Buy the Best Prescription Sunglasses?

Buying prescription sunglasses can be a lot of fun because there are so many cool designs available. In fact, the sheer number of choices can make it a challenge as well. Start by getting checked by an eye doctor so that you can get the correct prescription. Then you can begin shopping for frames. Larger frames are not only in vogue these days, but they also give wider coverage, which is great for eye protection.

The shape and style of the frames can also complement different facial shapes. To look your best, you want to first identify your face shape and pick the frame that flatters your features. Then you can pick the type of lens that you want to use, specifically the material and the tint.

Best Prescription Sunglasses for 2024

1. Temwa Square Sunglasses

Temwa: Square Black/Grey Sunglasses

When it comes to sunglasses, classic black frames will always be in fashion, just like the Temwa square glasses in a combination of black and gray. Made of lightweight TR90 material, the frame is thick enough to accommodate even the higher prescriptions. The large lens also provides ample coverage for UV protection. We love this pair because it transcends any look, season, or occasion. Wear it for driving, sunbathing at the beach, or even while jogging around the park.

2. Brody Oval Sunglasses

Brody: Oval Colorful/Gradual-Grey Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses don't have to be all serious and sensible. You can have a lot of fun with them as well, as you can see in the very colorful Brody oval glasses. Show off your sense of style while donning the perfect prescription for eyes in the gray-tinted lenses. This unisex eyewear does not only look fabulous but its lenses are also packed with high-tech anti-reflective and anti-scratch features.

3. Krue Square Sunglasses

Krue: Square Clear/Gradual-Pink Sunglasses

For women, we recommend the Krue square glasses. The oversized pink-tinted frames come with a darker shade at the top and gradually fade into a lighter pink towards the lower part. The 48mm height of the lens gives maximum protection and a wider range of clear vision while outdoors. The glasses also come with a fashionable clear frame that just oozes style and sophistication.


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