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How to measure glasses frames for your face online?

Lensmart 2021-09-08 16:17:15

Have you ever noticed those people who wear eyeglasses have small indents on their nose sides? 

The ache also appears behind the ears of those people who wear eyeglasses for so long and that ache mysteriously goes away when the people take off their eyeglasses. These issues occurred when the glasses are not in the full fitting. So, it is important to purchase those eyeglasses that fit well and distribute the pressure equally to the head width, nose, and ears. 

The fitted eyeglasses will definitely complement the face. Now, the question arises, how to choose the right eyeglasses according to the shape of the face and how to measure glasses? For the glasses measurements, you need to check the frame’s lens height, the temple arms, the bridge, the lens width, and the frame width.

This is a comprehensive guideline for glasses measurement that helps you to find your favorite eyeglasses according to your face easily and quickly. It is mandatory to find suitable glasses frames because if suppose, you have an oval face shape and you are purchasing the frame shape that looks bad on your face, then it will be insulting for you. So, to avoid any bad effect, you need to purchase those eyeglasses that look charming on your face.

measurement of glasses frames

Guidelines for Glasses Measurement

The guidelines are helpful to find out the best-fitted frame for your face and you don’t need to get worried about anything after purchasing the frame of your choice. All you need to know is the width, height, and many other factors. 

It is an interesting fact that all glasses have information printed about the frame measurements. You can find all the information on the arms inside or inside nose piece. Before purchasing these eyeglasses, you should measure nose bridge for glasses in order to avoid future troubles. All the glasses have the numbers like 53, 20, and 140. Sometimes, the small rectangle shape separates the numbers 53 and 20. The lens diameter is written on the left side (53) of the frame. It is actually the lens length at the widest point which is basically measured in millimeters. 

The number which is written on the right side (20) is actually the bridge width. This depicts the distance between two lenses and this part typically fits on the nose. This number is very important because the fitting of the eyeglasses depends on this number. Finally, 140 is the length of the arm on the eyeglasses. The most amazing thing is that Lensmart has all these measurements available and you can purchase the fitted eyeglasses accordingly. 

We contain all the measurements including lens height, bridge width, lens diameter, and arm length.

How to Measure Your Face for the Frame?

For purchasing online, first of all, you need to have the ruler along with you. Stand and look yourself in the mirror and align the ruler with the temple. 

Measure the distance in inches basically between the temples. Always remember to multiply the measured value by 25.4 in order to convert from the inches to those of millimeters. After measuring the face, calculate the total width of the frame of those glasses. This should be the sum of the width of both lenses plus the width of the bridge. 

From the measurement, the frame size can vary typically by +/- 3mm. Simply, you need to choose the frame size that is around your face length.

Hence, from left to right, the measurement of eyeglasses appears in this order:

  • Lens Width

  • Bridge Width

  • Temple Length

  • Lens Height

All these measurements are always in millimeters.

the measurements of eyeglasses

1.What glasses suit oval face?

It is a fact that those people who have oval face have evenly proportioned face features that mean they can easily wear all shapes of glasses. It is a versatile shape and all frames go well with the oval face. Square eyeglasses, cat eye glasses, and geometric eyeglasses all suit for your oval face shape. You can select the frame of your choice accordingly.

glasses for oval face

2.What glasses suit round face?

In the round face, the equal dimension is noted and the face is wide. The soft jawline is noted in those people who have a round face shape. The eyeglasses that look best on the round face includes: Wayfarers, rectangular, aviators, oversized, square, geometric, and navigators. The sharp angle of the mentioned eyeglasses works best in order to complement the round face soft lines.

glasses for round face

3.What glasses suit diamond face?

In the diamond face, the cheekbones and forehead look wider with a narrow chin and jawline. It is a desirable face shape and most people love to have this type of face shape because it gives an attractive look. The best eyeglasses for this type of face shape are: Square aviator eyeglasses, aviator eyeglasses, round square eyeglasses, square eyeglasses, round rectangle eyeglasses, and rectangle eyeglasses. Choose the frame and give your face an alluring look at the friend’s party.

glasses for diamond face

4.What glasses suit heart face?

In the heart face, the chin seems typically pointed with the widest forehead on the face. Oval eyeglasses look ideal on the heart face shape because they balance as well as soften the face angles. These eyeglasses never overemphasize the cheekbone and thus, giving your face a classy look.

glasses for heart face

5.What glasses suit pear face?

Pear face tends to have cheekbone which is less prominent with a broad jawline and narrow forehead. This is also known as a triangle face because of the strong jawline. The eyeglasses that look best on the pear-shaped face include: Angular square eyeglasses, smaller round shape eyeglasses, and aviators. When you have a pear face and wear angular square eyeglasses, people admire the beauty on the face and you can confidently enjoy the kitty parties because these eyeglasses give an attractive appearance.

glasses for pear face

6.What glasses suit oblong face?

The main characteristic of the oblong face is the balanced features of the face. The length is twice as long as wide with the jaw being narrow. The chin looks narrower than the forehead and the cheekbones are high in oblong face. 

The most interesting fact is that in the oblong-shaped face, the faces look a bit longer but less wide. It is easy to choose eyeglasses for oblong faces because you can choose any style of eyeglasses frame. Cat eye glasses, browline eyeglasses, geometrically square eyeglasses, and rectangular eyeglasses are best suitable for oblong faces and enhance the features of the face. Rock these shapes of eyeglasses on the oblong face without any fear of doing wrong.

glasses for oblong face

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