Are tortoise shell glasses in style 2024?

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For decades, tortoise shell glasses have been a top choice among both men and women. The designs have evolved a lot over the years but they remain to be a leading contender in the eyewear industry in some form. As 2024 begins, we are seeing a plethora of new designs suited for young wearers, as well as a huge amount of classic styles that are making their way back into the scene. If you are planning to get a new pair of glasses sometime soon, we strongly suggest that you take a look at the gorgeous tortoise shell designs that are available today.

tortoise shell glasses


The Popularity of Tortoise Shell Glasses

When tortoise shell glasses were first introduced in the 1920s, they were made from actual tortoise shells. This is quite distressing but fortunately, the practice was eventually discontinued and even legally prohibited. People continued to love the pattern though, so manufacturers continued to make them, this time recreating the intricate designs using synthetic materials.


This also paved the way for the creation of new shades of tortoise shell patterns other than the usual blend of browns, oranges and blacks. Since artificial materials are being used, the tortoise shell patterns in glasses today come in just about any hue you can think of, including blues, greens and pinks, which when you think about it, are not natural tortoise colors at all.


Who Looks Good in Tortoise Shell Glasses?

The great thing about tortoise shells is that it comes in so many different varieties that there is a perfect fit for everyone. Anyone can look fabulous in tortoise shell glasses as long as they pick the right pattern and shade, and also the right frame style and size for their face.


For a time, there had also been a misconception that the tortoise shell is a pattern that is only befitting for older individuals. Wearing these frames used to depict maturity and seriousness. But recently, there have been many designs made specifically for the younger crowd. In fact, the batch of new tortoise shell frames that come out in 2024 has a strong effect for making the wearer not just look young but feel young as well.


Are Tortoise Shell Glasses in Style 2024?

Tortoise shell glasses have never completely gone out of style but in 2024, there is a definitive coming back into the limelight for these types of eyeglasses. There is a rich assortment of timeless classics that are now very much in fashion, in line with the currently very trendy retro style, along with modern patterns and styles that are perfectly suited for the young and contemporary wearers. To help you make a selection, we have gone through the mishmash of frames that have come out and picked our top three, which we are sure you would love as well.


Best Tortoise Shell Glasses for 2024

1.Kaylie Cat Eye Tortoise Shell Glasses

Cat-eye Tortoise Shell Glasses for Women

The Kaylie cat eye Saturn glasses present a slightly different take on the classic tortoiseshell pattern and color. It is slightly more subdued, giving a much younger vibe. At the same time, it works for multiple occasions and settings, from casual to formal. The shape of the frame can also give the wearer an instant face lift, adding to the youthful appearance. The strategic blend of the TR90 thermoplastic frame with metal arms gives this eyewear a very sophisticated look.

2.Meredith Rectangle Tortoise Shell Glasses

Rectangle Tortoiseshell Glasses for Men and Women

Our second pick also gives a unique twist to the typical tortoiseshell frame. The Meredith glasses come in a rectangular shape, making them perfect for those with round faces. It is a unisex design so both men and women can really rock this piece of eyewear. What makes this pair very attractive is the blue and white combination along the upper part of the frame, nicely complementing the tortoiseshell design on the lower portion.

3.Elvira Round Tortoise Shell Glasses

Round Tortoiseshell Glasses for Women and Men

Finally, we love every single thing about the Elvira glasses, from their undeniably retro design down to the small details that give the wearer the utmost comfort. For instance, it comes with adjustable nose pads that let the dainty metal frame sit snugly on your nose without sliding down. The size of the lenses also make this pair a practical choice for bifocals or reading glasses. The metal construction of the frame also ensures its durability.

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