Are rectangle glasses in style?

Lensmart 2024-01-09 10:48:52

If you want to wear retro frames, the rectangle glasses can be an excellent option. As the new year opens, more eyewear manufacturers are developing different designs and colors of rectangle frames. This article guides you to the best rectangle glasses in 2024. You can even get some tips on where to get them. Read along to know more.

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What do rectangle glasses say about you?

If you’re wearing the rectangle glasses, you’ll see that the lenses are relatively wider than tall. The frame also has rounded corners, and even, straight borders. Most people who are used to wearing the style find it sophisticated, simple, and a reliable frame which is also flexible as you can wear them in bolder and neon colors.


Depending on the design, rectangle glasses can also be sporty, fun, professional, or elegant. With the vast range of what this style can do, you can generally wear it regardless of the occasion. They can also be half-rimmed, rimless, or in metal frames. Most importantly, you can also use them for your prescription lenses.


Are rectangle glasses in style?

Rectangle glasses were first popularized in the 1960s. While there might have been decades when the design was put aside, it's getting a comeback in 2024. With its timeless look, the frame will look great on almost any wearer. People who want their faces to look thinner can choose rectangle glasses. It elongates your face and adds dimension to the overall facial structure. A pro tip would be going for the trendy half-rimmed or bright rectangle glasses.


Best rectangle glasses for men in 2024

While browsing through your rectangle glasses options, here are some helpful designs and styles you can take inspiration from. See the list below.



Rectangle Black Glasses for Men

Classical and traditional rectangular glasses are trendy this year; hence, getting these Jordy frames will be the best choice. Its structure is lightweight, but the rim edges ensure a stronghold of your thick lenses if you use them as prescription eyeglasses. You also have the chance to choose colors from black, gradient black, blue, and transparent. It's a versatile frame that you can wear anywhere.



Rectangle Silver-Clear Glasses for Men and Women

The charm of a minimalist vibe is always sought-after by most people. Sporting these Olalla frames will do that and more. The transparent look of this style lets you wear any outfit, and you won't worry about compatibility issues since the glasses will complement any fashion style. The structure is sturdy enough, and nose pads are adjustable. These features ensure an excellent user experience.



Rectangle Black-Tortoiseshell Glasses for Men and Women

Ezma frames have bolder rim edges, which can properly hold thicker lenses. If you have to use some complex lenses for better vision, you can have this design and customize it based on your eye doctor's prescription. Gray, black, and tortoiseshell color options are for you to explore. If you still need to decide about buying it, the 'Try On' feature lets you wear the Ezma frames virtually.


Best rectangle glasses for women in 2024

As you know, rectangle glasses are so versatile that they will look suitable for both men and women. Score some great finds of the best rectangle frames for women from the following list.



Rectangle Clear-Fancy/Diamond Glasses for Women

A cute, charming, and colorful rectangle frame that can brighten up any gloomy day. The fancy diamond-like detail on the rim is a reason enough to secure this frame before it sells out. Be as colorful as you can by customizing the frame colors. Choose from blue, pink, green, and white. You'll surely be using it to wear fashionable clothes, but the Michael frame can also be used as prescription glasses.



Rectangle Black Titanium Glasses for Men and Women

These are rimless frames; when worn, it may look like you're not wearing any eyewear. You can change the colors of the temples and nose bridge from black to pink. If you have thin lenses, this frame is perfect for you.



Rectangle Black-Silver Glasses for Women and Men

As they say, the thinner the frame, the more charming you look to others. This is generally the goal of Holland rectangle glasses. It exudes that minimalist look, which you might need on most days, especially if you're not into thinking much about what to wear when outside. The frame is easy to pair with any clothing because of its earthy tone and discrete features. You can replace the temple and rim colors with black, champagne, or gold. 

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