Prescription sports glasses: how to buy the best pair

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Poor vision is not an excuse to skip participating in sports activities. The number of people wanting to get fit and active through different sports is increasing; hence, there is a higher demand for gear and other sports accessories. One of which is prescription sports glasses. These eyeglasses are similar to prescription glasses, but sports glasses come with special features to withstand bumps and falls during physical activities.

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Are prescription sports glasses worth it?

Prescription sports glasses are your best options to have the best vision while you work on your favorite sport; hence investing in them is worth your hard-earned money. As you already know, an athlete can only function properly with excellent vision, regardless of sport. Surely, these sports accessories are worth your investment.

Additionally, most manufacturers allow you to customize the sports glasses based on your needs and preferences. This includes the prescription, the type of lenses, UV protection, and tint features. As a result, you will have eyeglasses that are technically designed solely for you.

Here are other reasons why prescription sports glasses are worth buying:


1. Protection from debris and wind. Dust is everywhere when outdoors, and once it gets into your eyes, it can affect your performance in the game. Strong winds can also make your eyes dry and irritated; hence having eye protection is necessary.

2. Stability. Most prescription sports glasses ensure a snug-fit feature so they can stay put when moving too fast or colliding with something. With this, you need not worry about your glasses falling during the races.

3. Shatterproof. You can rely on these prescription glasses to have durable materials resistant to high impact levels, like a tough polycarbonate.


What is the average cost of prescription sports glasses?

Generally, the cost of prescription sports glasses will depend on various factors. The materials used and other customizations on the frames will significantly affect the cost of the glasses. You can expect that they are generally more expensive than regular prescription eyeglasses. They can range from $100 to $500. It pays to check the materials for these glasses to get your money's worth. Furthermore, low-quality prescription sports glasses can affect your performance in the game or race.


How to buy the best prescription sports glasses?

Buying prescription glasses, in general, involves different considerations. It is also the same with sports glasses. Besides the brand and color of your frames, you must look closely at some significant factors, including the following:


1. Frame size. 

In most cases, sports glasses must fully cover your eyes, so ensure you secure a frame that can shield the eyes from the sun, wind, dust, and debris. You never know what will happen while in the game, so it pays to be prepared.

2. Prescription. 

You must consult an eye doctor for your prescription to have the best vision while in the game. Some eye clinics can fix the prescription sports glasses themselves. Another means would be going to an eyewear store and having your lenses customized with the eye prescription from your doctor. Either way, you must ensure the glasses are adequately done.

3. Cost. 

As you all know, the cost matters for these types of glasses. High-end frames could cost you more. Consider your budget and work around that cost. You can score affordable sports glasses, especially if less customization is involved.

4. Purpose. 

The design and features of prescription sports glasses vary depending on the sport, so it pays to know where you will use them. Sports glasses for skiing are different from frames used in cycling or running. Knowing the glasses' purpose helps you quickly decide what to buy.

5. Design. 

You can either get the usual ones sold on the market or have your manufacturer customize the frame of your sports glasses. In some cases, professional athletes have their name initials engraved on the temples of their glasses. Of course, it will cost you more.

6. Materials. 

The best sports glasses must be durable and functional; hence it is essential to inspect what materials are used to create these frames. After all, you are using this accessory to function effectively in tournaments and races. Most manufacturers include the materials used on the packaging so you can check them before buying.


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