Everything about glacier glasses you should know

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One can almost use the term "mirror sunglasses" and "glacier glasses" interchangeably. This is simply because both do the same job. The idea behind the technology for glacier glasses is to shield your eyes from the sharp glare of snow and ice. The reflection of snow can be as dangerous as when you are looking into the sun because the light it reflects can be extremely intense.

Glacier glasses

What Are Glacier Glasses For?

As it states, for the most part, glacier glasses are for use in snow and ice conditions. It is for particular use in areas where glaciers are present. The most important aspect of wearing glacier glasses is to protect the eyes from extremely harsh glare.

This means that even if you do not find yourself in snowy areas, you can invest in a pair of glacier glasses if the area you live in gets intense sun glare. Lensmart offers solutions for this. Their lenses are available with your frame choices.

Are Glacier Glasses Necessary?

From the onset, one must state that glacier glasses are necessary for all the reasons stated above. More importantly, the eyes need these eyeglasses because they offer the best protection against glare. Furthermore, it protects against damage from ultraviolet rays.

Glacier glasses have a coating that would reflect both the glare and the UV rays away from the eyes. This allows for clearer vision, especially if the glasses are reasonable in size, such as Everie, for example. Lensmart will fit your glacier lenses in it with no problem.

How to Find the Best Glacier Glasses?

The best place to get your glacier glasses is to pay Lensmart a visit. We have a large range of frames available that can easily have your glacier lenses fitted into them. Here are some options on how to find the right glacier glasses:

For the Sportspersons

Snowboarders and skiers will find the glacier glasses most beneficial. It can be especially helpful if they choose a frame such as Corie or Dafne. These ones can provide a wider area of protection once the lenses are fitted.

If you are a runner (jogger), these glasses might be more beneficial than ordinary sports sunglasses. One of our sunglasses or eyeglass frames such as Lanta can easily be fitted with glacier lenses presenting you with a safe pair of glasses to run in.

For Everyday Use

As said before, glacier glasses are not restricted to sports persons or people in snowy areas only. In any space or area where harsh sunlight is a problem, these glasses can be a great help.

Even though the purpose is to protect the eyes, these glasses can be a great fashion statement as well. This is especially true with the right frame choice. Sorcha and Gary from Lensmart are beautiful frame choices for both males and females. All you need to do is ask us to insert your glacier lenses.

Work Life

Glacier glasses can be useful if you are around welders, whether at home or at work. It is not meant to be used as welding protection, but if someone is welding, some of the glare can reflect everywhere. If that happens often, wearing a pair of glacier glasses may be a great help. To reiterate, it is not to be used to look straight into the glare of the welder.

Other Reasons to Find the Best Glacier Glasses

Spending a lot of time in the bright sunlight can cause damage to your eyes. Choose one of our Lensmart frames and let us add your glacier glaciers to it. 

This is also ideal if your office is outdoors. Working outside for long periods of time in the sun can be harmful to the eyes. Again, ordinary sunglasses may work for a bit, but you do need better protection such as glacier glasses.

A major benefit is that you can fit glacier lenses into any of our Lensmart frames. Most importantly, your eyes will be well-protected.

These glasses make excellent eye protectors. However, because of their mirror faces, the lenses can get unwanted scratches. These scratches can cause vision impairment, thus making the glasses unusable.

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