Useful ways to stop glasses from slipping down nose

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We all love our glasses, don't we? Regardless of whether you wear yours for pleasure, fashion or as a necessity due to a medical condition, you want it to stay in place, don't you?  Many people who wear their glasses for hours and complain about their glasses slipping down their nose for one reason or another. 

If this has become a daily challenge for you, don't be quick to discard your eyeglasses because it is not bad. In this short article, we want to show you an ingenious way to stop glasses from slipping down the nose. Read till the end and you will learn a thing or two to improve your eyewear.

Glasses stay snugly on nose

Why do your glasses keep slipping down?

Before we show you how to stop glasses from slipping down your nose, you first need to understand why it is slipping down your nose in the first place. When you are in public or addressing a crowd or group, the fear of your glasses slipping down your nose can be highly frustrating and unnerving.

Constantly adjusting your glasses may draw unwanted attention to yourself which is something you don't want. So why are your glasses slipping down your nose?

1. Wide frame: It may be that your frame is too wide which is why it keeps slipping down

2. Heavy frame: A heavy frame is another reason why your glasses never seems to stay in place

3. Oily skin: If you have oily skin or you often sweat in the face, your skin will become slippery and this can cause eyeglass slippage.

4. Wrong angle: another cause is if your glasses are at the wrong angle. Also, if your nose bridge is too narrow your glasses will have nothing to rest on.

The newest tips to stop glasses from slipping down the nose                  

Now that we know why your glasses may be slipping, let us now provide you with new tips to stop glasses from slipping down the nose.

1. Use a hair band

One of the simplest options is to use hair bands to hold the glasses in place. Hair bands are affordable and work as well as any other item if you wear your glasses low. With a hair band, you can create more height so your glasses can remain level with your eyes. Hair bands make your glasses feel tighter and keep them in place.

Use oil-free lotions: Anytime you know you are going to wear your glasses outdoors for a long time, consider using an oil-free moisturizer. Even if you use an oily cream daily, consider not using it at least for that day. 

Remember we said in a previous paragraph that oily skin causes glasses to slip down? So if you limit the use of oily creams, this will mitigate the risk of your glasses slipping down your face in public.

Furthermore, consider using a face cleanser on your face before leaving home for the day or don't even moisturize your face at all if you can afford not to. Keeping your face oil-free is a smart way to stop glasses from slipping down the nose.

2. Use Nerdwax

Nerdwax is a popular product many people used last year and we expect the product to grow in popularity in this year. This product was designed by glasses creator, Don Hejny. If you sweat heavily, particularly in the summer indoors or outdoors, this sweat control solution is exactly what you need. How does Nerdwax work?

All you have to do is apply the wax to the bridge of the glasses. This simple trick will keep the glasses in place for several hours.

Note: If you can't find Nerdwax, substitute that for beeswax since it does the same job.

3. Temple Adjustment

Another hack experienced people have used for a very long time is adjusting the size of their temple using polyolefin. This tube shrinks in size when exposed to tremendous heat and creates another layer. This allows you to adjust your temple especially if you have low ears or a very small face.


No one likes to keep adjusting their glasses to study in place and we are sure you don't either. However, we have shown you how to stop glasses from slipping down the nose using four different tricks. Try one or more out until you identify the one that serves you best and sticks with it.

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