All about glasses chains you should know

Lensmart 2022-06-06 10:29:19

Gone are the days when glasses were only for those with bad eyesight and protection. Today, many use them for fashion. With that comes more accessories to the usual eyeglasses that you see every day. 

Taking inspiration from the victorian socialites, today's glasses chains are becoming practical and chic. These chains are usually in various styles, including pearls, metals, colorful beads, or ropes, transforming your typical glasses into trendy ones. This chain is like a cord that you add to the ends of the eyeglasses and wear around the neck.

Lensmart's glasses with a chain

Are glasses chains in style?

When your grandparents used these glasses chains years ago, they might come to you as old-fashioned. However, the glasses chains have recently been styled that wearers can be proud of. Since fashion is constantly evolving, vintage trends keep coming back strong, and a glasses chain is another accessory added to this list.

Whether prescription glasses with wooden or metal frames, using a glasses chain will add texture to the ordinary design, breaking its simplicity. Even celebrities turn to glasses chains to accentuate the regular sunglasses they wear. Additionally, if you are not into earth tone colors, glass chain makers make a vast selection of these accessories - from bold and neon colors to tiny pearls and bigger beads. Also, these accessories are multi-purpose as you can also hook them to your face masks.

Who would buy chain-combined glasses?

Different people have various reasons for getting glasses chains. It could be for fashion, or they need them to use their eyeglasses comfortably. People prefer these accessories to keep their glasses close if they are not wearing them. This especially applies to individuals who wear glasses to correct their vision. 

Also, older people tend to develop presbyopia. It is a condition that makes the eyes lose their ability to focus on closer objects. Hence, this brings them to remove their glasses and replace them with other ones constantly. These glasses chains are beneficial to avoid the hassles of putting their glasses on a flat surface and picking them up when needed.

Also, those who opt to add more color and vibe to their eyeglasses turn to glasses chains. People today include them in their fashion statements, making these accessories not just functional but also creative and stylish. Accessories like glasses chains give off a classic vintage look without looking old-fashioned. And who considers vintage as old fashion? Essentially, no one.

How to choose the right eyeglass chains?

The evolution of glasses chains is so extensive that people might have difficulty choosing which among the designs will fit them. Besides the length and style of the chains, it might also be beneficial to check some common materials used. This way you decide what suits you best.

1. Beaded glasses chains. Go for a pop of colors that can blend with everyday outfits. You can have traditional beads in rock-shaped forms or soft colors for a more earthy vibe. It is one of the more common kinds of glasses chains. In some cases, people create their own for a more personalized touch.

2. Pearl chains. Like beaded chains, you cannot count out pearls as materials for glasses chains. Get that timeless look with various pearl sizes, from delicate to chunky ones. You can never go wrong with pearls for that aesthetic, chic, and expensive look.

3. Twisted rope chains. You might find beaded and pearl chains uncomfortable on your neck. If that is the case, you can use these twisted ropes, which can be in different colors. You can match the colors of the strings to the color and style of your eyeglasses.

4. Vibrant chains. Vibrant glasses chains are primarily bright and neon in color. Also, the materials used for the chains vary. They can be beads, ropes, and fabrics adorned with vibrant colors. These chains are an ideal pairing for minimalist eyeglasses.

5. Minimalist glasses chains. Suppose your glasses come with an edgy and vibrant design; you can pair them with a minimalist chain. You can opt for a lightweight, simple, and chic chain which will complement your glasses. At the same time, pairing minimalist chains with minimalist frames is also a good option. 

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