2024 new green glasses for men and women

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Something in green shades brings optimism as you look at them. The same goes for green glasses, which continue to gain popularity in 2024. For many eyeglasses wearers, the new year calls for new frames. Explore your options on the green glasses available in the market today through this article. As you read along, you’ll also learn the popular frame styles this year.

green glasses frames

The popularity of green glasses

Some find green glasses to be modern. However, these frames were already present in the 1950s. People who are into retro frames would know that most green glasses in the past were round. Today, you can find various eyeglasses styles and shapes in green. The best part about eyewear manufacturers today is that they produce different shades of green glasses - from neon to pastel. This means more options for you. People can expect more variations of green glasses in 2024. One of the reasons why green glasses are trendy this year is because every shade makes the wearer feel happy and warm.


Are green glasses fashionable in 2024?

Green glasses are fashionable as they technically add pops of personality to any of your outfits and transform your glasses into a statement piece that could draw attention to your eyes. In short, you must be ready to receive compliments from your peers while sporting your favorite green glasses. The key to getting it right and being fashionable is choosing the right shade of green glasses to highlight your facial features and skin tone.


2024 new green glasses for men and women

As previously mentioned, you can choose from thousands of green glasses, but it can be daunting considering the number of pairs you must look into. The list below will give some trendy eyeglasses in green for men and women.



Rectangle Pine/Green Glasses for Women


These are oversized rectangular green glasses that ensure complete eye protection from UV rays and possible debris. The stylish rim border makes the frame thinner despite it being oversized. The deep pin green border allows wearers to pair it with any outfit color. Each piece has anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings on the lenses, so you’ll never worry about impacts after bumps or falls. This is one of the most popular frame styles, so be sure to grab a pair before they sell out.




Aviator Silver-Green/Tortoiseshell Glasses for Men


Classic aviators also look good in green. These frames come with a combination of silver and green tortoiseshell, a playful touch for a decades-old frame style. While this frame is initially designed for men, it will also look good on women. All you need is some good styling; both men and women can pull off a fashionable look with these green glasses. If you need to customize the lenses, click the ‘Add lens’ button to provide your prescription before checking out.




Oval Green Glasses for Women


You surely need stylish cat eye glasses in your closet this 2024. These green glasses from the Kassi collection will be an excellent choice. Each piece is aesthetic and exudes a minimalist vibe. Plus, the light green highlight on the upper rim makes it look like you’re wearing a browline frame in a cat-eye cut. The adjustable nose pads promote the best snug fit, so you can wear the glasses even when performing physical activities. Most importantly, the lenses come with an anti-scratch feature to protect from the effects of bumps and falls.



Oval Green Glasses for Women and Men



How about a forest green color for your next eyeglasses? The Hudson collection will provide the best pair of green glasses and more. It’s an oval-shaped frame that complements any face shape. You can wear the frame virtually using the ‘Try On’ feature online. This gives you an idea of how the green glasses will look on you. Other personalization options include changing the lenses using your recent eye prescription.




Square Green Glasses for Women


You can make a statement piece by wearing these oversized square frames from the Lillian collection. The wide frame on the lenses exudes an intelligent and boss vibe. Wear these green glasses in school, at work, and running errands. Plus, the green rim borders add fun to the overall look of the eyeglasses. The frame’s temples are gold, which goes well with the green borders. Most importantly, each frame comes with nose pads, which wearers can adjust for the best snug fit.

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