Buyer's guide to round glasses: best pair for 2024

Lensmart 2024-01-08 16:43:17

Most glasses wearers will have their own stories of round glasses, whether they want to look smart, whether the design complimented their facial features or for some other reason. It's one of the most common frame designs in the market. Essentially, round glasses have been loved by many people for centuries now. You can expect more exciting and modern designs of round glasses this 2024.


popular round glasses

The popularity of round glasses

The origin of the round glasses has no definite record, unlike other frame styles like cat eye glasses or aviators. However, evidence shows that round glasses were used during the 13th century.


One can identify the difference between the small, round glasses without temples, seen centuries ago, and the thousands of round frame designs today. Despite being this old, the round glasses frame style is still very relevant and in demand among glasses wearers.


How to buy the best round glasses for 2024?

With the thousands of manufacturers today, it can be daunting to shop for round glasses online. This is why considering some essential factors will be helpful to streamline your choices that would suit your preferences.


The face shape is necessary to ensure you’re getting the right frame to accentuate your facial features. Essentially, round glasses are ideal for people with angular features like rectangular and oval faces.


It’s also beneficial to choose the right frame color to complement your skin tone. Those with cooler skin colors can opt for black, pink, red, blue, or tortoise colors; while warm skin tones are ideal for brown, silver, transparent, gold, and purple round glasses.


The best round glasses must also have durable materials. Remember to check with the manufacturer as to the material they use for creating the round glasses. It’s mostly found on the product labels. After all, you must get your money’s worth.


Most importantly, the best round glasses this 2024 must be convenient and comfortable to use. Regardless of color and style, your spectacles must be functional.


Best round glasses for men in 2024

The round glasses are gender-neutral which means they can be worn by both men and women. Some of the best round frames for men in 2024 are found below.



Round Black Glasses for Women and Men

The Harry Potter glasses trademark is genuinely evident on these Elvira frames. The thick rim edges ensure a stronghold of your lenses if you wish to use the round glasses for a prescription. Also, the lenses are customizable based on the prescription. You can conveniently do it online. Other color options like tortoiseshell, gray, and gold give a little brightness to the frame.



Round Purple Titanium Glasses for Men and Women

Aarin round glasses in black and gray colors give off that minimalistic vibe, which is quite the trend this year. Purple will be an excellent option if you want a more vibrant touch on your eyeglasses. It's best to use this for fashion or prescription with thinner lenses. You can use the 'Try On' option to see your appearance when wearing your Aarin frames.



Round Red-Brown Glasses for Women and Men

If you want to play with colors on your eyeglasses, the Starlight collection is for you. Each frame comes with two color combinations that will complement your skin tone. You can opt for the red-brown, black-purple, tortoiseshell, black, or gradient black.


Best round glasses for women in 2024

Women also have the best choices regarding the best round glasses in 2024. Some of them are the following.



Round Gold Glasses for Women

The aesthetics of this frame exude elegance and charm. You'll feel like a roYou'llwhen wearing these Milani round glasses with artistic metallic details at the upper rim. Choose from gold, green, blue, red, and black for the frame colors. It's beautiful, you don't want to take it off.



Round Black/Tortoiseshell Glasses for Women and Men

These browline-designed round glasses allow you to play with various colors, including transparent-black, red and black - tortoiseshell, and black tortoiseshell. Even if the frame is half-rimmed, you can still use it with thicker lenses as the bottom time edges provide solid support.



Round Black/Gold Glasses for Women

This is another pretty geometrical round pair of glasses. The thin rim edges give off a minimalist look, while the gold and charm details on each side of the frame bring fun and cuteness to the overall look of the glasses. Gold, silver, and pink are some of the great color options you can have. 

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