Clear lens glasses explained

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It is a common assumption that eyeglasses are worn to correct some kind of vision problem. But of course, there are a lot of glasses that serve other purposes.

Take sunglasses, for instance, that are meant to shield against the sunlight. There are also industrial glasses or goggles worn in some professions. And of course, there are the clear lens glasses, which are actually very popular these days.

Clear Lens Glasses

What Are Clear Lens Glasses for?

Since clear lens glasses do not have any sort of prescription, you would wonder what they are even for. Well as it turns out, they have several purposes. A lot of people wear them to reduce glare, like for driving. Even if you have 20/20 vision, the glare from the sun or the lights of oncoming traffic can distract from driving. Clear lens glasses with an anti-glare coating can help a lot in this regard. Clear lenses can also be useful as wind protection when you are outdoors and are not particularly fond of tinted glasses.

Very recently, clear lens glasses, particularly oversized glasses with clear frames as well, are considered to be quite fashionable for both men and women. We have been seeing a lot of people with perfect vision donning these glasses as an accessory.

Is It OK to Wear Clear Lens Glasses?

There is absolutely no reason why anyone should not wear clear lens glasses. Since there is no attached prescription, these glasses can't harm your eyes or damage your vision in any way. On the contrary, they can even protect your eyes by reducing glare or helping to block dust particles while you are outdoors, and so on.

How to Buy the Right Clear Lens Glasses?

There are no fixed criteria to follow when buying clear lens glasses because your choice would depend largely on how you intend to use them. If they are for protection against the elements, a larger frame would make better sense. If you want to reduce glare, then you should look closely at the anti-glare features of the lens.

However, the general guidelines for buying any pair of glasses should always apply. That is, you should choose a frame that is made of durable but lightweight material. You would also want something that sits comfortably on your face, especially if you are going to use it extensively.

As for aesthetics, the largest determining factor in choosing your frame would be the shape of your face. You can refer to the in-depth guide that we have here on our website that tells exactly what frames complement which facial shapes.

Best Frames for Clear Lens Glasses

The best thing about clear lens glasses is that since they don't have prescription lenses, you can buy as many as you want so that you have the perfect pair to wear, regardless of your outfit or your mood! Here are some of the best ones that we recommend.

1.Daila - Square Frame

Daila: Square Green/Orange Glasses

Clear lenses in a playfully colorful frame definitely make for a very fun pair of glasses. The Daila is perfect for wearing during a long drive, a day out with friends, or just about anywhere! It also comes in other exciting combinations like orange/blue, red/blue, and pink/black.

2.Rulon - Cat Eye Frame

Rulon: Cat Eye Black Glasses

Create the classic alluring secretary look with the timeless design of the Rulon. The striking black frame combined with the sultry cat eye frame will elevate any outfit and bring out the beauty of your eyes.

3.Jayce - Aviator Frame

Jayce: Aviator Green/Pink Glasses

The fun combination of pink and green on the Jayce aviators will certainly make heads turn as you walk into the room. Stand out from the crowd and bring out your eyes with this refreshing pair.

4.Afton - Rectangle Frame

Afton: Rectangle Red Glasses

Make a subdued but bold statement with a pair of red Afton glasses. In a shape that complements almost any face, this pair of glasses exudes unmistakable style and sophistication. It also transitions nicely from a day at work to a night out on town.

5.Neo - Rectangle Frame

Neo: Rectangle Transparent Glasses

Last but not least, how can we forget the very trendy clear frames that even Hollywood stars are currently wearing? The Neo clear glasses brighten the face and bring out the color and intensity of the eyes. Surprisingly lightweight, these glasses are very easy to wear and just as easy to match with any outfit.

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