The best hipster glasses for you to look good in 2024

Lensmart 2024-04-22 11:28:10

Hipster glasses are those styles that make wearers stand out. This design comes in various forms; some even feature unique shapes and designs. As a result, it's not the usual eyeglasses you see at the eyewear store. These frames stand out for their creativity and individuality.

hipster glasses

The popularity of hipster glasses

The hipster frame design had humble beginnings. It was once a straightforward square-shaped style that eventually became known as Wayfarers. The new look became more popular when various celebrities adopted it. The trend skyrocketed, becoming a cultural phenomenon.


Famous personalities who used hipster glasses include Bob Dylan and Buddy Holly. Meanwhile, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe were also seen wearing these frames in films and in their daily lives. The popularity of the design was so strong that some people even wore it without prescription lenses. In short, hipster glasses became a fashion statement.


Who are good at wearing hipster glasses?

Like any other type of glasses, hipster frames come in different shapes. They are all suitable for any wearer, given that the frame complements their facial features. With this, rounded and oval faces can have rectangular and square hipster glasses. The angular features on these glasses provide significant corners on the face. On the other hand, geometrical faces can wear rounded frames to soften the angular facial features. When choosing hipster glasses, remember that the frame will balance and accentuate the face and not overpower it.


Best hipster glasses for men

As you know, hipster glasses are for everyone; hence, you can explore this design's options for men of any age. See some of them below.



Aviator Champagne/Gold-Black Glasses for Men

These hipster frames are classic because they're also created with the Aviator style in mind. This style was one of the most popular frames in the 1930s. Today, you can modernize its design by customizing the colors. Choose from gold black, gold tortoiseshell, and silver blue tortoiseshell. All color variants provide a subtle vibe, but you'll surely stand out wearing the glasses because of the retro aura.



Oval Black Glasses for Men

Don't be fooled by its name, as these oval frames are also suitable for men. The thick, solid borders guarantee a firm hold on your lenses. The best feature of this design is the rim colors, which you can customize to black, brown, and tortoiseshell. With the thick borders, the frame will generally stand out among the crowd, so be prepared to receive compliments while wearing your eyewear.



Rectangle Blue Glasses for Men

These frames are relatively minimalist, considering the light colors on the rim and temples. Besides the tortoiseshell shade, which undoubtedly will stand out in public, the blue and gray have lighter shades, giving off a subtle style. However, these Darnel frames guarantee the best functionality, regardless of your chosen color. Before checking out your order, you can always change the lenses based on your eye prescription.


Best hipster glasses for women

Choose the most popular hipster glasses today from the collection below. Each frame is made with premium quality and style, and it will not let you down.



Round Tortoiseshell Glasses for Women

These frames are uniquely designed for women who want to express creativity through their eyewear. Besides the classic rounded shape, the Nevaeh glasses provide a modernized style on browline frames. You'll surely look stylish when wearing a pair of these glasses. In addition to fashion, these glasses can also be used for prescription lenses. Of course, you must customize the lenses based on your recent prescription.



Cat-eye Purple-Orange Glasses for Women

Cat eye glasses are something else. They exude character and elegance that other frame designs do not have. The best part about these glasses is the color combinations you can explore. There are purple, orange, gradient red, black gold, tortoiseshell yellow, teal yellow, and dark brown spots. All these color variants provide a vibrant touch, allowing you to glow when wearing the frame.



Cat-eye Red Glasses for Women

It's a cat-eye frame that, on second glance, also resembles the shape of a bird's wings. These glasses are super stylish and will surely get the attention of the crowd. Unlike other cat-eye cuts, the rim size of the Caoimhe frame is smaller, just enough to protect your eyes. The solid colors also bring a pop of color to your face. Choose among green, red, blue, and plum.

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