Are aviator glasses in style for 2024?

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Many people today know aviator glasses as one of the most trending frames every year. However, for some people, these aviators are more than just a trend; the frame generally holds a fascinating history. If you're here for the different aviator styles or want to know the significance of this frame, read through this article.

aviator glasses


The popularity of aviator glasses

Aviator glasses are classic. It was introduced as one of the pioneering advancements of aviation. In the wake of World War 1, pilots who began to fly higher altitudes experienced nausea and headaches because of too much glare from the sun. They tried to remedy this by wearing fur-lined goggles, but the eyewear was ineffective and generally fogged up when used above 33,000 feet.

U.S. Army Air Corps Lieutenant John Macready decided to partner with Bausch & Lomb, a medical equipment manufacturer, to develop aviation goggles, from which the aviator glasses were born. This frame style has also been featured in famous films like Top Gun, contributing to its popularity. Aviator frames continued to be one of the most trending styles during the 1960s and 70s.


Are aviator glasses in style for 2024?

With the decade-old glasses style, one would question if the aviator is still relevant today. The answer is a sounding yes. Aviator glasses complement all face shapes. This means you need not worry about having an oval, rectangular, or round face since you will always look good wearing an aviator frame. It’s an excellent choice if you're looking for a stylish and versatile pair of eyewear.


As you know, aviators are mostly associated with sunglasses, but you can definitely wear an aviator as prescription glasses. With the rise of hipster and geek styles, the birth of the classic aviator spectacles is also welcomed by many. Most importantly, this frame is gender-neutral so most designs are suitable for men and women.


What color is best for aviator glasses?

Aviator glasses today come in various colors and shades, but the most classic and iconic one is the silver or metallic color. These frames can also be found in black, gold, and other colors to suit various styles and preferences.


The most important thing is to identify the wearer's skin tone. From this, you can choose colors that complement the skin color. People with cooler skin tones can choose aviator glasses with pink, blue-based red, black, pink, and tortoise colors. Warmer skin tones would go well with gold, purple, silver, clear, and brown aviator glasses. If you have a neutral skin tone, you can choose any color for your aviator frame.


Best aviator glasses for 2024

There will be newly released aviators at the start of the year. You can score a pair or two by checking out our list below.



Aviator Gold Glasses for Men and Women

This is a classic gold aviator you can have if you're looking for that retro vibe. It generally looks like those made in the 60s and 70s. Of course, there's a modern touch to this Maverick aviator frame. The nose pads are designed to be adjustable for a perfect snug fit. Meanwhile, you can also play with other frame colors like black, silver, or rose gold. This frame is one of the most popular styles this year, so get yours before it sells out.



Aviator Tortoiseshell Glasses for Men and Women

The modern touch is evident on this Jamie aviator frame. The thicker rim edges ensure the safety of your prescription lenses, especially the thick ones. You can get the black or tortoiseshell colors. The darker colors allow you to pair the glasses with any outfit color and style. If you need to update the lenses, provide your latest prescription before purchasing the frame. As you know, aviators, like this Jamie frame, are gender-neutral, so it's ideal for both women and men.



Aviator Silver-Blue Glasses for Men

You're getting a browline and aviator style in one pair of glasses if you opt for these Eshaal frames. It's rimless on the upper part, while the bottom rim can be in different colors like blue, green tortoiseshell, or black. The frame is more of a rectangular shape, which allows complete eye protection. You can try the frame virtually to see what color best compliments your skin tone. The frame can also be customized in terms of the type of lens you'll use. 

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