What are the best aviator glasses for men and women?

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The summer heat slowly creeps into view, and now is the time to shop for fashionable trends this season! A pair of aviator glasses are a sure staple for warm weather outfits. This classic eyewear oozes with style and elegance, providing shade from sun rays. Learn more about this type of glasses frames and check this shopping guide for the latest must-buys today.

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Why are they called aviator glasses?

Flying planes is one of the remarkable feats achieved by humans, but pilots had a rough start. A particular issue involved the need for protection from the sun's harsh glare. This profession requires pilots to have excellent vision and aerial view. The solution is a sleek pair of sunglasses that offer enough front and periphery coverage for the eyes.

That’s how the aviator eyeglasses came to be—an accessory first introduced in the 1900s. Specifically made for pilots, these glasses featured large lenses and a unique wire frame. The overall design ensured that the eyewear stayed on despite sweating or turbulence.

Pilots weren't the only ones to find a use for this pair. Throughout the century, the cool aesthetic of these eyeglasses caught the attention of the masses. Beloved celebrities like Michael Jackson and Tom Cruise ran with the style and had fans wanting to copy the look. Today, aviators are a mainstay in the wardrobe for both men and women!

What are the best aviator glasses for men and women?

A good pair of aviator-style glasses is worth the penny you spend because it's a timeless piece. It's an iconic eyewear that fits different looks and themes. Still, like any glasses, there's a simple trick to finding what works best for your facial profile.

Before anything else, knowing an aviator’s typical design can help you understand which pair to pick. The most distinctive characteristic is the large, slightly convex lenses that cover the eye area. It has a thin metal frame with a bullet hole, or the unique triple or double nose bridge. This design works to prevent light from passing through at all angles.

Nowadays, aviator glasses come in all forms, including varying shapes, sizes, and colors. Some even have one-of-a-kind features and materials that enhance the fashion quality of the frame. Truly, this pair of eyeglasses is a statement piece that can help you achieve a cool and effortless look.

The best aviator glasses for 2024

1.Claude Aviator Glasses

Aviator Silver Glasses for Men

Sticking to the classics is a great decision for your first pair, and Claude aviator eyeglasses are the perfect choice. The thin metal rim adjoined by a slim double bridge, along with nose pads offers a snug, lightweight fit. The all-metal design is wearable daily or for special events that require unobstructed vision.

2.Jayce Aviator Eyeglasses

Aviator Tortoiseshell Glasses for Men and Women


The Jayce aviator specs are a mix-and-match of trendy and all-time popular styles. The upper portion of the frame is tortoiseshell with gold metal accents while the lower rim is made of clear thermoplastic. Combining two different materials enhances the durability of this eyewear, making it ideal for daily use.


3.Kiaha Aviator Eyeglasses

Aviator Black-Tortoiseshell Glasses for Men

If you want a modern take on this timeless accessory, the Kiaha aviator glasses are a feast for the eyes. The frame shape fits most facial structures and works for men and women. With several colorways available, this piece adds a fresh and fun aesthetic to any wardrobe.


The best aviator sunglasses for 2024

1.Tuku Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Brown Sunglasses for Men and Women

There are many words to describe this pair of Tuku aviator sunnies, and 'hip' is one of them. The simple and clean lines of the thin metal frame provide a touch of elegance to your get-up. You can use these shades outdoors or indoors and maintain eye contact thanks to lightly colored lenses.


2.Rabih Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Black Sunglasses for Men and Women

Summer and the Rabih aviator sunglasses go hand in hand, ensuring your fashion is on-point for the season. This pair of sunnies has round lenses and a beautiful curvy bridge that inject uniqueness into the frame. You can choose bright colorways or the classic black shade to match your outfit for the day.


3.Adriel Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Blue Sunglasses for Men

You will have fun choosing your next favorite pair of Adriel aviator sunglasses because of the many colors available! The frame features the classic aviator such as the teardrop-shaped lenses. The double bridge and thin rims complete the timeless look of this eyewear. Overall, this piece is a must-have for all seasons.


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