How to stop glasses lenses from fogging up: 4 useful tips

Lensmart 2022-01-14 10:07:24

Have you been battling with your glasses fogging up all the time? This is a complaint many people have as they complain that they are having to clean their eyeglasses especially during these trying times when we all have to wear a mask when outdoors. So how do you stop your glasses lenses from fogging up? Is there anything you can do to prevent or limit it? Read on to learn new tips.

Glasses without fogging up

Fogging glasses

If you wear glasses to help you see better or just for fashion value, they will be times when your glass will fog up. During such times, seeing them becomes a problem so you will have to remove them for cleaning. If this happens once or a few times it is not a problem. However, if it becomes a regular occurrence it can become a problem. But why do my glasses keep fogging up?

Here are a few reasons why fog appears

1. When you wear a mask

Your glasses will fog up when you are wearing a mask. And in these trying times, it is no longer surprising to see people on the streets moving around with foggy glasses. Glasses become foggy when we wear a mask because warm air coming out from your nose hits the surface of the glasses which then leads to condensation. As a result of your nose being covered the air is not able to escape and mingle with cold air. 

Also, the mask prevents the air you exhale from moving downwards but upwards on both sides of your mouth. This is what causes condensation and fogginess.

2. Humid temperature

If you work or visit an area where the air is humid be prepared to deal with fogginess because the entire air is warm. Saunas and boiler rooms are common places where the air is always warm.

So how do you stop glasses lenses from fogging up? Is there any permanent solution or any solution at all that you can utilize to make your lenses clearer despite the prevailing situations or conditions?


Useful tips to prevent glasses from fogging up

So you are tired of always cleaning your glasses and would rather prefer a method that will help you fight fogs effectively? Here are some useful tips.

1. Use the right mask size

If you are outdoors most of the time and you are in a location where mask mandates are in effect, always wear the right mask size. If your mask fits properly and covers your nose, that will prevent warm air from escaping upwards rather than downwards. Nose bridged masks or custom fit ones are the best to prevent warm air escape. With a proper mask on, you will notice a drop in the rate of fogginess.

2. Use soap and water

Another method is one that has been around for a long time before the advent of mask mandates. It involves the use of soap and water. All you need to do is clean the lens with soap and water. You may use soft cloth of your fingers but be tender about it so you don't crack the lens. But that is not all there is to it.

After you wash and rinse it, all the soap will not be washed away but a tiny amount will remain on the lens which will serve as a barrier against fog.

3. Wear your glasses on your mask

Another method is to make sure you wear your glasses on top of your mask. For this technique to work, you will first have to wear your mask and push it up. With that in place, you can then wear your glasses directly on top of your mask. This method will prevent lens exposure to the warm air coming from underneath because the weight of the glasses will act as a temporary sealant.

4. Use a Duct Tape

Last but not least is to use duct tape. Simply wear the mask and tape the fabric around the bridge of your nose and all the way to your chick. But this method should not be used if you have sensitive skin. After taping your mask you can then wear your glasses.

These simple hacks stop glasses from fogging up but if they don’t work well for you, we recommend getting suitable wipes for your lens that leave behind protective coats on the lens after use.

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