Prism glasses explained: how does it work

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Why do people choose prism glasses? It is majorly because prism glasses are prescribed by doctors. Doctors choose prism glasses for you because they work perfectly for diplopia. Diplopia is an ophthalmologic issue that causes one to experience double vision.


Prism glasses work by refracting light before it reaches the eyes. The refraction is done by directing the light into the same area as each retina. You experience temporary diplopia when you take excess alcohol or after you ride the Ferris wheel. For temporary diplopia, the double vision wears off after some minutes or hours.


Furthermore, when diplopia is caused by underlying conditions, it doesn't wear off that easily. In some cases, it might be permanent. Prism lenses were created to help fix this problem. Also, prism lenses help provide a clearer vision for people who suffer from diplopia. This article will talk about prism glasses. For instance, how prism glasses work, and most importantly, what they are. Also, we will introduce eyeglasses frames recommended for prism lenses.

Prism glasses

What is a prism in glasses?

Prism glasses are basically frames with prism lenses. Prism lenses are used to help people who have permanent double vision. Some conditions that can cause permanent diplopia are head injuries, stroke, and diabetes. Diplopia also leads to other health issues. For instance, nerve damage, and also the weakness of the muscles that control eye movements.


When eye muscles are not as effective anymore, it distorts your eyes and causes double vision. Prism lenses are used to manufacture these eyeglasses because they can refract light penetrating the eyes. Also, prism lenses ensure that the light refracted enters the same spot on each retina. These prism lenses help the eyes by making them work together and create a particular image. These lenses are also still effective even when your eyes are misaligned.


Prism glasses are very effective for double vision. They are also very effective for monocular diplopia. This kind of diplopia is a result of corneal abnormalities.


How do prism glasses work for double vision?

To get a clearer vision, your corneas have to filter light into your eyes and focus the light on the retinas. Also, the light must be properly focused on the retinas.

Diplopia is caused by misalignment of the eye, so, the cornea filters the light and shines it on the retinas perfectly. However, the misalignment makes the light gain focus on different areas of the retina for both eyes. This misalignment causes both eyes to send slightly different images of one object to the brain. This is what causes double vision or diplopia.


Now, here is how the prism glasses work on diplopia. Firstly, prism glasses refract the light just before it enters the eyes. When prism glasses retract the light, it stops the misalignment. Also, it focuses the light on the same place in both retinas. This procedure helps the eyes send a perfect image of the object so the brain can produce one image. Hence, solving the double vision problem.


Three recommended glasses frames for prism lenses

Here are some frames that we think will be good to use for prism lenses:

1.Hanita: square eyeglass frames for men and women

Hanita: Square Dark-Brown-Spots Eyeglasses for Men and Women,Safety Glasses

Hanita is recommended for you to use for prism lenses because they are slightly thick. It helps hide the edges of the prism lenses. Also, these frames are durable and are lightweight. When these features are combined with your prism lens, you will not only be comfortable but also, will have a more friendly look.


2.Lizy: cat-eye frames for women

Lizy: Cat-eye Blue Eyeglasses For Women

Lizy is made with lightweight, flexible, and durable materials so you can wear them all day. Because of the comfort of these metal frames, they can be recommended to use for prism lenses. These frames are also made with anti-scratch materials, so handling them is easy.


3.Noah: cat-eye black eyeglass frames for women

Noah: Cat-eye Black Eyeglasses for Women

Noah is extremely comfortable to wear all day. People suffering from diplopia have to wear prism lenses all day. Therefore, it's recommended to use for prism lenses mainly because it is comfortable and lightweight. It is also durable and so it will last longer than other frames. 

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