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Do blue light glasses work?

Arnold 2021-07-08 18:23:47

We are spending a lot of time staring at laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic screens. These high-tech achievements not only bring people more convenience and enjoyment, but can also cause a lot of problems, such as fatigue, myopia, headache, and insomnia. In the following article, experts from Lensmart will explain if blue light glasses can solve those problems.

What is blue light?

Natural light is composed of different colors of spectrum. Different wavelengths of light produce different perceptions of color. For example, when the wavelength is 600-700nm, we see red; when the wavelength is 500-600nm, we see yellow; when the wavelengths is 400-500 nm, we see blue. Thus, the light that has a wavelength of 500-600nm is blue light.

Blue light is a part of natural visible light, emitted by sunlight and electronic screens. There is no white light in nature. Instead, the mixture of blue light, green light, and red light produces white light. Green light and red light have relatively long wavelength, so they produce less energy and less harm to our eyes. However, blue light is made up of shorter wavelengths that emit higher energy levels. When those short wavelengths hit our eyes, they penetrate through the cornea to reach the retina, which is harmful to the eye. Blue light is ubiquitous in our environment, but not all blue light can cause damage to our eyes. Generally speaking, normal light provides necessary stimulation to human eyes. Blue light with longer wave length (450-500nm) is beneficial to the eye. However, blue light with wavelengths that are shorter than 450nm can damage the retina to a certain extent. The effect of blue light should be considered in combination of illumination and exposure time, so we recommend to use electronic products intermittently with proper breaks.

Blue light from electronic devices is likely to increase the risk of macular degeneration. When the harmful blue light with high energy directly penetrates the lens to the retina, vision can be affected and the risk of macular disease and cataract increases, causing irreversible damage to the eyes. Macular lesions caused by blue light can lead to visual impairment, visual distortion, dark shadow and fuzzy areas in the center of the vision, and even permanent visual loss.

The blue light that is not absorbed by the photoreceptor cells will directly damage the epithelial cells inside the retinal which is responsible for nourishing the columnar cells and cone cells in the photoreceptor cell. As a result, the damaged epithelial cell becomes unable to provide nutrition to other cells, and eventually leading to the death of columnar and cone cells which are not renewable, so the blue light may even cause permanent damage to our vision.

Should children wear blue-light blocking glasses?

Indeed, blue-light blocking glasses reduce the effect of blue light on vision. According the multiple scientists, the design of blue-light blocking glasses blocks light with shorter wavelengths in order to reduce the damage to retinal cells. Wearing blue-light glasses can effectively prevent elderly people from macular degeneration. However, whether or not blue light glasses can prevent children from having myopia is not clear yet. When children’s vision is in the development stage, it is important for them to be exposed to light that stimulates visual development. As a result, blue light glasses are not conducive to visual development because they block the stimulations from blue light. On the other hand, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of blue light glasses on the market. Some anti blue light lenses are unqualified, which can block a large amount of visible light, resulting in insufficient lighting and fatigue. Blue-light blocking glasses are not recommended for children especially in the visual development stage.

To sum up, anti blue light glasses can effectively protect eyes from the potential damage of blue light. When you are choosing a pair of blue light glasses, be sure to purchase qualified products from verified platforms.

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