Who should wear metal frame glasses?

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Metal frame glasses are best described as unobtrusive and sleek. If you want a minimalist and clean look, look for eyeglasses with metallic details. Generally, everyone can wear these glasses. As you know, eyewear comes in different colors and styles. You only need to make the right choice of metal frame glasses.

metal frame glasses for women

The popularity of metal frame glasses

The flexibility of metallic eyewear makes them the go-to eyeglasses for any event - a lavish gathering or a daily run to finish some errands. Each pair has different materials, including titanium, monel, beryllium, stainless steel, flexon, and aluminum. Additionally, there are different versions of the metal frame’s history and when it became popular. Some styles of metal frame glasses are so discreet you can’t even identify if the wearer has eyeglasses on the face.

Are metal frames better for glasses?

Metal is one of the most popular alternatives if you’ve had enough with plastic frames. If you’re still uncertain about trying these kinds of eyeglasses, the benefits below will convince you otherwise.

1.Stylish. All metal frame glasses exude class and are easy to pair with any wardrobe to elevate your style. They will give you a subtle glow-up, making you look chic and elegant.


2.Durable. Metal eyeglasses are known to last for a long time, regardless if you'll wear them at work or during vacation. Since these metal frames can be made from stainless steel, titanium, or aluminum, they can resist corrosion.


3.Lightweight. Almost all metallic eyeglasses are lightweight, providing utmost comfort, especially if you wear them all day. Each pair's adjustable nose pads ensure the best snug fit.


4.Low maintenance. You must store your frame in its case when not in use. If you need to clean the lenses, use a cleaner spray to remove the grime. There’s always a manual for every pair of metal frame glasses. You can refer to it for the proper aftercare of your eyewear.


Who should wear metal frame glasses?

As mentioned, all face shapes can wear metal frame glasses. The crucial part is choosing the right frame style for your face. People whose faces have sharp angles like hearts, squares, and geometric must consider buying metal eyeglasses with curved details. They soften the sharper angles and give your face a thinner appearance. Round metal frame glasses are one excellent option for faces with sharp angles.

Meanwhile, round and oval faces have softer angles. You can choose metal frame glasses in cat-eye style or square shape. The significant angles on these frame styles make the wearer’s face appear smaller.

2024 metal frame glasses for men and women

Explore your metal frame glasses options from the list below.


Square Metal Glasses for Women

This frame style is oversized yet very chic when you wear it. The subtle shades of pink will complement your outfit, regardless of style and color. Those who have thin lenses for their eye prescription will love this style. Remember to input your latest eye prescription to customize the lenses.


Cat-eye Metal Glasses for Women

Get these cat-eye metallic frames for a stylish and elegant look. The golden upper rim complements the tortoiseshell ensemble on the lower part of the frame. The size is slightly oversized to protect your eyes from UV rays and debris. The frame is also ideal for women who want to look chic while wearing prescription eyeglasses.


Aviator Metal Glasses for Men and Women

Aviators are classics. This means they’re always in style. These gold metal frame glasses are yours to try. Besides gold, you can customize its colors from black, rose gold, and silver. Remember that you can wear the glasses virtually to see what color tone looks good. These Aviators are selling fast, so be sure to get one before they sell out.


Round Metal Glasses for Women

You can always be playful with your eyeglasses; these browline frames with metallic features are a good fit. The upper rim is rimless, while the lower part has black borders. The frame's contrasting colors make it easier for you to play with any wardrobe. The frame’s colors are mostly earth tones, which are easy to pair with any wardrobe. Despite the eyeglasses being half-rimmed, you can still customize the lenses. The border can even firmly hold ticker lenses.

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