Are cat eye glasses in style for 2024?

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It's the new year, and you're considering buying a new pair of glasses. Surely, it's not easy with all the thousands of options available in the market. However, you can streamline your options by checking the trending frames for 2024. This article tackles cat eye glasses and the elegance this frame brings as you wear them in the new year.

cat eye glasses for 2024

The popularity of cat eye glasses

In most cases, you'll probably associate cat eye frames with vintage and fashion. This design was first popularized during the 1950s as prescription glasses. More and more people were introduced to the design when Audrey Hepburn wore her version of the glasses in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's.' Since then, the style has evolved and was incorporated with a modern touch, having bolder and neon colors.


Are cat eye glasses in style for 2024?

A cat eye frame is unique and iconic so you can expect that the style wouldn't die down easily. In fact, the frame is considered one of the most popular designs of 2024. The dominant, upper-rim on the temple replicates the cat's eyes while the bottom rim subtly slopes upward to the top of your cheekbones, giving that signature cat-eye style. These two distinct features make the frame flattering as you wear the glasses. It draws the eye upward with its unique angular lines. As a result, cat eye glasses complement face shapes from rectangular to round ones.


Cat eye glasses are classics that have always stayed in style. People who are fond of this design can see a modern update in 2024. Expect brighter colors and bolder shapes for that fashionable, timeless, and elegant look.


What colors suit cat eye frames better?

Cat eye glasses are versatile so they'll look good in any color. The color choice will depend on the wearer's skin tone. Refer to the list below to choose the right colors for your cat eye glasses.


People with a warmer skin tone can opt for cat eye frames with similar warm colors including pink, gold, green, yellow, brown, and orange.


A cooler skin tone will complement cat eye glasses in purple, blue, tortoise, black, or pink.

If you have peachy or pale skin, you can look for cat eye frames in dark colors, saturated shades, and warm neutrals.


A deep skin tone with a golden cast is best complemented by a pair of cat eye glasses in warm colors. You can opt for green, blue, brown, and gold.


A person with medium skin with warm undertones can choose brown, gold, tortoise, and green glasses. Opt for black, blue, purple, and red cat eye frames for cool undertones.


Most importantly, maximize the chance to try the frames before buying them. As you know, most manufacturers and sellers offer this on their websites. This way, you can identify which among the colors suit you best.


Trendy cat eye glasses for 2024

Take your pick at some of the best cat eye glasses this 2024. Check out the list below.



Cat-eye Gradient-Cameo/Brown Glasses for Women

You can use these pretty pink cat eye glasses for fashion or prescription. The upper rim has bolder pink edges, while the bottom rim has a more transparent edge, making it look like half-rimmed cat eye glasses. The glasses let you explore various color options, including baby green, black, champagne, gray, and tortoiseshell. Remember to customize your lenses if you're buying cat eye glasses for the prescription.



Cat-eye Blue-Light/Blue Glasses for Women

These cat eye frames are different from the oversized ones you usually see online. Caia frames are relatively smaller. However, they ensure to protect the eyes from UV rays and possible debris. The thicker rim edges also guarantee to strongly hold your lenses. Choose the frame's colors from blue, green, black, pink, gold, and tortoiseshell.



Cat-eye Gradient-Light/Blue Glasses for Women

The minimalist approach is still trending in 2024. This means you can still have your minimalist fit paired with transparent cat eye glasses. The frame requires no skin tone specification as it complements skin color. However, if you're not into transparent frames, you can opt for the black or tortoiseshell shades. Regardless of your choice, these Oren frames bring out the best style in you. 

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