How to find the best clip on sunglasses for you?

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Clip-ons are sunglasses that attach to the eyeglasses that you wear on a regular basis. They're basically like ordinary sunglasses but without the temples, or the long parts that go over the ears. 

In other words, they are special eyewear made up of just the frames and the lenses, along with a special clip-on mechanism near the nose bridge. Some models come with small magnets that attach to the prescription glasses at the hinges.


The first clip on sunglasses were released by Polaroid in the 1930s for the purpose of providing glare protection for eyeglass wearers. They made outdoor activities like driving more comfortable, but were more practical than stylish. Even until the turn of the century, clip-ons were not considered to be cool at all. 

But in the last decade or so, clip-ons started to make a comeback. Soon enough, celebrities started wearing them, elevating them to super cool status and now, just about everybody wants one.

Best clip on sunglasses at Lensmart

Are Clip-On Sunglasses Better?

If you absolutely can't go without prescription eyeglasses, you have two main options for protecting your eyes from sunlight when you are outdoors. The first is to have another pair of prescription glasses with the same grade but with tinted lenses. Whenever you go out, or if it is particularly sunny, you will switch from your regular prescription to the tinted ones.


The other option is to get some clip-on sunglasses. These are special glasses that fit perfectly over your regular frames. You simply place them over your daily glasses and they will look just like regular sunglasses. Not everyone is even aware that these kinds of sunglasses exist but they are actually very useful and come with a lot of advantages. As a matter of fact, many eyewear experts consider them to be the better option due to many compelling reasons.


For starters, they are much more affordable than getting a separate pair of prescription sunglasses. They are very convenient to use – you just whip them out and stick them on and you're good to go. And because they don't cost very much, you can get them in several different tints and shapes, creating a whole array of looks that you can rock for different occasions.

Tips to Buy the Best Clip On Sunglasses

If it is your first time to buying clip on sunglasses for women or men, you might not have any clue about what to look for. But it's really not that much different from shopping for ordinary glasses. Here are some very important tips to keep in mind when you go out in search of those perfect clip-ons.

1. Make Sure It's the Right Fit

When buying clip-on sunglasses, the very first thing to consider is whether they fit your prescription glasses properly. There's no sense buying clip-ons that will not attach to the glasses that you own. But you don't have to worry too much about your search because clip-on sunglasses come in all sizes, shapes and styles. Thus, it's very likely that there will be dozens out there that will be the right fit.

2. Get One with UV Protection

Clip-ons these days are much cooler and more fashionable than they were a couple of decades ago but that doesn't mean that they no longer serve a purpose. Eye protection is still their primary purpose so you better make sure that you are getting one that can actually protect your eyes not only from the glare of the sun but from its ultraviolet rays.


It's actually amazing how some of the most protective clip-on sunglasses these days are also the ones that are the most stylish. Take a look at the Elena cat eye clip-on, for instance, which is a real fashion statement especially if you get it in pink or tortoiseshell. If you prefer an oval frame, the black Skylar clip-on is really a classic and classy choice for both men and women.

Oval Black Clip On Sunglasses for Men and Women

3. Go with the Shape That Complements Your Face

Just like regular eyeglasses or sunglasses, you should pick a frame style that complements the shape of your face. There are many great styles of clip-ons in different shapes available out there so you shouldn't have a problem picking one that fits you nicely. For instance, if you are a woman with an oval face, the Aubrey cat eye would be perfect for you. Or if you are a man with a square face, the Kati oval clip-ons in black will enhance your features and look great with any outfit.

Oval Black Clip On Sunglasses for Men and Women

4. Decide between Clip or Magnet Attachment

Traditional clip-ons come with an actual clip that you have to fasten and remove with the use of two hands. Magnetic clip-ons take away a lot of the hassle of the conventional variety because they can be easily attached and removed with just one hand. The problem with magnetics is that they can sometimes get detached by accident, which is rarely a problem with the regular clip-ons.


If you want to choose from the widest range of high quality clip-on sunglasses, check out our selections at Lensmart, where you will definitely be able to find the perfect choice for you.

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