Explained: why do your glasses prescriptions expire?

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Eye doctors generally advise their patients now and then for check-ups. This is because the eye prescription they gave a year ago may differ from the person's current eye condition. In short, eye prescriptions have expirations, and this article will let you know how long it takes until you visit your doctor for new glasses prescriptions.


Suitable prescription glasses

Why do glasses prescriptions expire?

As the person ages, their eyesight also changes. An expired eye prescription may not give them the clearest vision. Your eyesight may have deteriorated over time, and as a result, it will make the prescription inaccurate. This is why your eye doctor would always recommend visiting their clinics for a check-up.

What is the average lifespan of prescription glasses?

In most cases, glasses prescriptions only last within a year or two. It's a case-to-case basis as some eye conditions might need frequent follow-up check-ups from your optometrist. If you're to calculate it yourself, it's most likely about two days after the day of the previous eye examination. Of course, the year will be different. Also, every state has different prescription laws, so checking the minimum eyeglass prescription expiration in your state will be essential. For people with higher risks of vision changes, the glasses prescriptions you'll receive may be one year instead of two.


Can we get glasses with an expired prescription?

If you're looking for glasses prescriptions to replace the older ones, buy a pair before the prescription expires. However, if you think your vision has changed, securing a new prescription before buying new lenses and an eyeglass frame is beneficial.


One must not try buying replacement eyeglasses if the prescription has expired. As you know, it's illegal for someone to sell eyeglasses without a valid and recent eye prescription. There are eyewear stores that will reject expired glasses prescriptions. So, to avoid the hassle and delays, make sure to have your eyes checked first.


It's easy to find eye doctors who can conduct a thorough eye check-up and provide you with a prescription. If you've been to an eye clinic before, you surely know the common steps done by doctors to write new glasses prescriptions.


If you have forgotten your prescription's expiration dates, the following signs might be helpful to determine whether you need to see an eye doctor for new glasses prescriptions.


1. Eye strain

2. Double vision

3. Headaches

4. Squinting

5. Trouble reading


What's next when we find the prescription expired?

Of course, the first thing you must do is secure an appointment with an eye doctor. You can visit the clinic where you received your previous eye prescription or go to another one near your place, whichever is convenient. Once your eye is checked, it's time to get glasses prescriptions.


Now that you have your eye prescription, getting the eyeglasses that suits your style is just fitting. As you know, there are millions of them in the market today. Consider some tips before choosing prescription glasses. Look closely at the list below.


1. Face shape. 

Most prescription eyeglasses sellers today allow you to check your face shape and recommend a suitable frame style for your facial features. Besides the functionality, the eyeglasses must complement your face and not overpower it. For example, for square and rectangular faces, round frames and oval frames are recommended for them as they can soften the edges of the face.

2. Frame color. 

If you have a warm skin tone, you can opt for frames in coral, olive, and honey shades. Meanwhile, those with cooler skin tones can choose eyeglasses in shades of lavender, blue, grey, and rose. Like the frame style, the color must go with your skin tone.

3. Material. 

Since you're using your eyeglasses almost daily for better vision, ensure the frame can withstand falls and bumps. Most manufacturers today provide quality frames made of metal or acetate as well as anti-scratch coatings on the lenses before they deliver them to your doorstep.

4. Cost. 

Essentially, eyeglass frames from high-end brands will cost you more. There are also those cost-effective ones that also guarantee durability. Regardless of your choice, the bottom line is you must get your money's worth. This means buying your chosen frame should be functional until the glasses' prescriptions expire.


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