How does astigmatism affect glasses lens thickness?

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Some people are born with a common vision problem called astigmatism, which is caused by irregularly shaped corneas in parts of the eye. This irregular shape affects light entry into the retina which distorts vision and affects lens thickness. When the sufferer has near sighted or far sighted vision, the situation becomes much worse. This is why astigmatism affects lens thickness.

Although astigmatism can be a problem, not everyone who has it requires eyeglasses. Some while others don't. This is because it is possible to suffer from this condition but still have 20/20 vision. However, even for people with proper vision, they are still advised to go for regular eye checkups.

As for those who have impaired vision, surgery may be required with the use of rigid contact lenses to correct the irregular curve of their corneas. Rigid lenses are used in their case to correct their vision and if the procedure is successful, they don't need glasses to see properly.

Lensmart's glasses for astigmatism

How to know if you need glasses as an astigmatic sufferer?

If you suffer from astigmatism, the need for glasses will depend on the clarity of your vision or how serious the condition is. If you suffer from eye strain often or blurry vision, your ophthalmologist may recommend medicated glasses to improve your vision.  Astigmatism sufferers require glasses if: 

1. They have double vision

2. A hard time seeing at night

3. Squint often

4. Headaches caused by eyestrain

Generally, if the condition affects your daily life you may need glasses to improve your vision. But to be sure, you will need to seek the expert advice of an ophthalmologist or optometrist.

What is a bad astigmatism axis?

Bad astigmatism axis is a worse type of astigmatism in which a person suffers from blurry vision when looking at an object at a distance. The object may be near or far but their vision is often very poor. This creates what is called a refractive effort because the rye cannot gaze upon light directly. Bad astigmatism also makes the retina highly sensitive.  So for people with astigmatism their lens curvature changes its axis with movement, their vision can become worse with such changes.

But when you compare that with someone with a normal eye axis the difference becomes evident because a normal axis is the direct opposite of a bad axis. People with normal axis don't suffer from astigmatism and they see objects clearly. Their vision remains wrong and clear because their corneas are in the right position with no irregular curves.


Best glasses for thick lenses

If you have poor vision astigmatism and your eye doctor has recommended glasses, you will need a very thick lens. However, not all glasses are suitable for thick lenses so to help you out we have compiled a list of some of the best glasses for thick lenses. Do have a look.


Brielle is a pair of special glasses for women who suffer from astigmatism. The lens in Brielle is anti-scratch and anti-reflective so when you put it on, you get far less glare than usual. This feature will enable you to see much better than before. Brielle is made with durable materials and it is flexible and lightweight so you are protected from headaches caused by frame weightedness.

Cat-eye Brielle: Black Eyeglasses for Women



Aphra is another pair of eyeglasses for thick lenses that we recommend.  These tortoise shell glasses represent value for money because it provides comfort and vision clarity. The frame is lightweight so rather than worsen your condition, it will improve your vision significantly. Aphra has nose pads to provide extra support and stability and the elegant craftsmanship makes it not only a vision improvement object but a fashion accessory as well. You will feel no form of discomfort with Brielle, only satisfaction for money well spent.

Aphra: Cat-eye Tortoiseshell Eyeglasses for Women



Elizaveta is another option we recommend. These oval black eyeglasses for women have a wide frame with a CR39 specification that will suit most wearers. The frame is scratch-resistant and minimizes impact. Furthermore, Elizaveta has reflective coats that reduce the glare entering your retina which makes it one of the best reading glasses you can buy for astigmatism and lens thickness.

Elizaveta: Oval Black Eyeglasses for Women

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