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All about color blind glasses

Lensmart 2022-06-09 16:49:39

The colors you see around naturally add meaning to how you perceive life and the world. However, not everyone is capable of seeing similar colors as you do. Approximately seven to eight percent of the global population are color blind. These people tend to see various colors differently. Furthermore, differentiating between colors can be challenging for them.


In today’s time, there are now color blind glasses which come with a tinted lens which is very special to help color blinds see colors correctly. These glasses might not have entirely cured the deficiency but they provide improvement and comfort to these individuals.

color blind glasses

What are types of color-blind glasses?

Besides the brand, color-blind glasses also vary in tints. The tints on the glasses represent the severity and the kind of color blindness a person has. In most cases, these glasses look similar to sunglasses with various types of lenses. Generally, there are two common types of color blind glasses. First are the prescription glasses. Experts design these glasses for individuals having existing vision corrections like astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness. Since wearers of these prescription glasses are color blind, they have been custom-made for color blindness.

On the other hand, individuals with color blindness who do not have any vision concerns opt for non-prescription glasses. These types are cheaper than prescription glasses. In some cases, people choosing non-prescription of these glasses have a visual acuity of 20/20. Additionally, some people use non-prescription glasses over the contact lenses.

Regardless of which type of color blind glasses people choose, it is still safe to visit an eye doctor before buying one. Some of these glasses can be expensive. So it is better to get your money’s worth. However, if you can afford to splurge, you are also free to do it.


Do color blind glasses really work?

These glasses are useful and effective. They provide opportunities for color-blind individuals to see colors the “normal” way. The results may vary depending on various factors like the severity of the deficiency. Besides the mere fact that it allows individuals to see the vibrance and differentiate among the colors they see, color blind glasses provide practical benefits. These glasses help color blinds mix and match their clothes which reduces the possible risks of weird color combinations. In the workplace, it boosts an individual’s confidence, that despite being very color blind, they can function appropriately like other employees.


Do color blind glasses cure color blindness?

Color blindness does not have any cure yet. It is a common genetic condition that experts are still trying to find a cure for. Most glasses cannot provide 100% correction on the vision of a color-blind. Instead, they partially enhance and correct color vision inaccuracies. Experiments and research are still ongoing to find other alternatives to address color blindness, aside from these glasses.

How to buy the right color blindness glasses?

Some of these glasses can be expensive. So before deciding to purchase one, you need to consider the following factors:

1. First, consult an eye doctor to evaluate the type and the severity of color blindness. You could be having existing vision concerns. Eye doctors will provide you with options as to the type of glasses you need and whether you have to use contacts or prescription glasses, besides the color blind glasses.

2. Second, consider where you are going to use the color blind glasses. There are those designed for indoors, where the artificial lighting inside can affect how you see the colors. Suppose the glasses are solely for outdoor use, providers generally put more tinting on the lenses. Also, they might affect night vision. If you are someone who needs to run errands at night, you may find that these glasses are not very bright because of the tint.

3. The cost of the glasses must also be a concern. Companies might use similar technology; however, they differ in prices. Some even import the material they use on the glasses, so they are very expensive. Ensure to shop for glasses before committing to one. Compare each offer and see which company you can most benefit from. It is sure a waste if you really choose the more famous provider but are not getting the optimum benefits for what you pay for. 

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