Who are good to wear purple glasses?

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Purple is a fun color that naturally stands out in a crowd. If you just want to blend in with the background and go through the days unnoticed, then maybe purple glasses are not the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you are a fun-loving person who doesn’t mind getting approving or even admiring looks from time to time, then you are most certainly a great candidate to wear purple glasses!

Who are good to wear purple glasses?

It takes a certain type of personality to rock purple clothes, and the same goes for purple glasses. When you wear purple glasses, expect to stand out, in a very good way of course. Purple does have a remarkable effect of calming the mind and promoting emotional balance. Hence, the people who see you will likely feel relaxed and at peace around you, which is always a good thing.


The Popularity of Purple Glasses

In addition to the natural appeal of the color purple, another reason why it is now a popular choice for eyeglasses is because it goes very well with just about any outfit. They are quite versatile and will work very nicely with practically all the colors in your wardrobe. The vibrancy of the many purple shades also makes the wearer look years younger than their actual age. Being the classic color of royalty and luxury, it is also safe to say that purple glasses are a wise investment as they will stay stylish for years to come.


Who Are Good to Wear Purple Glasses?

One of the great things about purple glasses is that they come in a wide array of hues or shades. From the lightest lavender or mauve to a rich eggplant hue, there are so many to choose from, and practically all of them can be found on eyeglasses frames these days. With such a large selection, there is bound to be a perfect shade for everyone!


Purple used to be a color reserved mostly for ladies, especially when it comes to eyeglasses. But today, there are plenty of designs that are specifically made for men, especially among the aviators and the rectangular frames.


Are Purple Glasses in Style 2024?

Historically, purple glasses are not a conventional choice. However, they are expected to become a huge trend in 2024 especially since a lot of celebrities have been recently spotted wearing them, like Victoria Beckham and Anne Hathaway. Even Johnny Depp is known for often sporting his purple-tinted sunglasses. With these A-listers setting the trend, there is no doubt that purple glasses will be selling like pancakes everywhere.


Best Purple Glasses Frames for 2024

1.Rubi Cat Eye Purple Glasses


Cat-eye Purple-Pink Glasses for Women


The contemporary style of the Rubi cat eye glasses will elevate your style to new heights. Built with an almost futuristic pattern along the corners, this frame will surely grab the attention of people wherever you go. At the same time, it is a versatile design that is appropriate to wear for multiple occasions, from daily office work to a wild girls’ night out on the town. The lightweight TR90 frame features a purple and pink gradient colorway that is undeniably feminine. It also gives a youthful look to the wearer, while the shape of the lens beautifully accentuates the eyes.


2.Aarin Round Purple Glasses


Round Purple Titanium Glasses for Men and Women


If you are looking for the ultimate pair of purple glasses that will deliver across all criteria, the Aarin round glasses are a top contender. It comes in a shade of purple that is vibrant and will definitely get some appreciative looks. However, the frame is quite thin so you don't have to worry about the color overpowering your face. These glasses are made of highly durable but extremely lightweight titanium metal, which is a premium material for frames. Of course, the round shape also adds to the coolness factor of this fashionable pair.


3.Arthur Square Purple Glasses


Square Purple Glasses for Men and Women


A lot of people have the assumption that only women can wear purple glasses, but the Arthur square glasses in a delightful combination of purple, grey and grey stripes will quickly change their mind. It is a unisex frame that both men and women can wear. The angular corners of the frame give it a masculine touch while the patterns along the bridge and on the corners nicely balance it out with a touch of charm. This frame combines style and function perfectly, and is a must have for anyone who loves the color purple.

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