Are progressive reading glasses good for you?

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Progressive glasses have quickly risen in popularity in the last few years. These are lenses with varying power, thus letting a person with multiple prescriptions use just one pair of glasses for different distances. It eliminates the need to switch between two or more pairs for different activities. Many people are actually already using progressive glasses. However, there are still a lot who have yet to discover the benefits of wearing them. If you would like to try this dynamic kind of glasses – progressive reading glasses, in particular – read on for some useful insights.

progressive reading glasses

What are progressive reading glasses?

Progressive reading glasses have lenses that cater to at least two different prescriptions. The lower part of the lens is for reading, and the upper part is for correcting distance vision. Progressive reading glasses are ideal for individuals who are either near-sighted or far-sighted and have also started to develop presbyopia, or the need to wear reading glasses. If you require a different lens grade for middle distance, progressive glasses will also work since they can have up to three viewing areas.

Are progressive lenses better than bifocals for reading?

Progressive lenses are similar to bifocals in that they combine two different prescriptions in one lens. However, there is a notable difference that anyone can easily see just by looking at these two types of lenses. In bifocals, you will see a distinct line across the middle part of the lens. This marks the division between the two prescriptions. In progressive lenses, there is no such line. The lenses would look clear and other people won’t even know you are wearing separate prescriptions.

The lack of a distinguishable line makes progressive lenses much better in terms of aesthetics, for one thing. More importantly, it lets your eyes transition across distances without any abrupt change in lens power. This jump can cause dizziness for a lot of people, especially during the adjustment period.

Many users of progressive reading glasses have also noted the more enhanced vision that they now enjoy compared to traditional bifocals. Adjusting is also not nearly as difficult as many people think. Once you are used to the new lenses, you can see very clearly at any distance.

Are progressive reading glasses good for everyone?

If you only need reading glasses and have perfect vision otherwise, then you don’t need progressives because regular reading glasses would suffice. Progressive reading glasses are best for people who require at least two different prescriptions, including one for reading. It’s definitely a good choice compared to ordinary bifocals because of the smoother vision, as well as the cleaner and more attractive appearance.

Some people might hesitate to get progressive reading glasses for fear of the higher cost. While it is true that they have a slightly higher price tag than ordinary bifocals, there is now also a growing range of budget-friendly progressive reading glasses. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can now get a really good pair of progressive reading glasses to aid your vision.


Tips to buy the best progressive reading glasses

If you are thinking of using progressive reading glasses for the first time, the following tips will help you make the perfect choice.

1.Choose a medium or large frame. A height of at least 28mm would give ample coverage for three prescriptions. Smaller frames will give you a more limited range of vision for each lens grade. This could make it difficult for you to see especially in the near vision.


2.Wear the correct prescription. Adjusting to the multiple lens powers can take time but you’ll soon get used to it, as long as you have the correct prescription. Make sure of this by visiting your eye doctor for a check-up first before ordering your glasses.


3.Practice makes perfect. In order for progressive lenses to work, you must look through the correct part of the lens for various tasks. For distance viewing, you need to look through the top part. For reading, you need to lower your eyes so you can look through the lower part. It might be hard at first but you just need to practice and you'll soon get the hang of it.


4.Get the extra features that you need. When getting new glasses, you can request for special features like blue light blocking, or an anti-scratch coating. These features will help to enhance your vision and also extend the lifespan of your new pair of glasses. 

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