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Types of Hipster Glasses

Hipsters introduced a different style of clothing as well as accessories to the world. One of the essentials for any outfit is the glasses they wear. These glasses do not necessarily have to be prescription – they can just be clear lenses. The best choice for a hipster look is the black square frames. These do not have to be oversized. The glasses are meant to make the wearer look intellectual, but not nerdy. It is also just a way of completing the hipster look.
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Hipster Glasses for Men and Women


The Rasa is a great choice for the female hipster. Its wider, black edges around the lenses ensure that she is part of this styling movement. Even though it is black, it has subtle detail that can set her apart as a trendy hipster. It will definitely top off the rest of her outfit. It is also available in other subtle colors that will make her even more exclusive.
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If you really want to make a statement as a hipster with your glasses, a retro frame is perfect. One of these is our own Laelia. The best color choice is the one that tells you are a hipster, which is the black/pink option. This is a perfect match if you choose the tomboy style. It can make you look more feminine. The Laelia has a rectangle shape and has some elements of cat-eye glasses, so it can fit any face type.
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The Cassian just speaks to the hipster style, especially for women. You can get these in both tortoiseshell and black. The tortoise shell has a lot of black in it, hence the reason why it works so well. Both of them will complement your hipster outfit no matter whether you choose to be a tomboy or feminine. With its cat-eye frame feature, you will find that it will suit your face no matter what its shape is. It is definitely a hipster type of glasses for you.
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For a more subtle and professional look, both men and women can opt for glasses with metal or clear frames. The round ones work best because they are also part of the retro or vintage collection. However, the Hayes on Lensmart, for example, are oval but large enough to fulfill the roll. The upper part of the frame has a stainless steel detail that adds to the sturdiness of the frame.
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Our Brielle glasses are the perfect compromise between the black frames that hipsters love and the metal frame that is associated with the popular round glasses. These glasses can suit both men and women, even if they are categorized as cat-eye. The glasses compliment any face type, and the hipsters will be able to add them to any of their outfits.
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